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ART & CULTURE | 5-minute read

A peek into the Joker's mind

When the film ended, I instinctively looked around for my mask before I realised I was wearing it already.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

China-Nepal ties are deepening. What can India do?

There is no point bemoaning Chinese presence.

LIFE | 3-minute read

How the single Indian woman is guarding her freedom

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why independent Indian women are embracing the unattached life, in the October 21 edition of India Today magazine.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

How Nobel for Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer rewards curiosity

Over time, through the interventions of these economists, nations like India could change policy designs on improving delivery outcomes.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

Is over-reliance on confessions inviting killings in custody?

Pradeep Tomar was reportedly called in to the police station for questioning in connection with the murder of a woman.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What went unsaid between Modi and Xi

Everything that happened at Mamallapuram remains 'informal', including the decisions taken (if any).

VOICES | 5-minute read

Mohan Bhagwat is right. Indian Muslims like me are so happy they just can't handle

Don't send more happiness our way. We don't know how to deal with it anymore.

POLITICS | 6-minute read

From 1999 to 2019: This is what has changed for me in Maharashtra's bitterly contested polls

Every election had a hook. This is what makes 2019 elections so unique.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Mamallapuram meet: India-China balancing game is a pie in the sky

Forget about delivering something substantive on outstanding issues, Beijing has displayed undiluted hostility towards New Delhi.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why should Indians continue to live under the shadow of sedition?

Indian democracy must consider whether the offence of sedition itself must be abolished.

POLITICS | 8-minute read

India needs a new Gandhi to fight Chinese digital colonisation

Chinese companies continue to secure and store the largest amount of consumer data from the world's fastest growing consumer market - India.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Roadmap for India's $5 trillion journey

The Indian growth story will be an organic, consumption-led narrative spurred by the service sector.

ART & CULTURE | 4-minute read

War's success shows critics and audiences differ on what is a good film

The Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff starrer film is as far as it can be from anything that could further the cause of cinema, but that isn't something that concerns the viewer.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why Gandhi's relevance cannot be debated

Radio offered nothing beyond music and advertising, while TV debates were all about a screaming match on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

MONEY | 5-minute read

When Mohan Bhagwat asked 'swadeshi yani kya hai' in the age of Made in China

Is the sarsanghchalak inkling towards a change in RSS's commitment to swadeshi economics?

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why the triumph of RSS is unprecedented

No matter how much the RSS is misunderstood and demonised, whether by left liberals in India and abroad, its contribution to the making of modern India is indubitable.

POLITICS | 3-minute read

How Enforcement Directorate has become the weapon of choice

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the investigative agency’s pursuit of high-profile targets, in the October 14 edition of India Today magazine.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why India shuffled the Quad deck

Our issues with China are much graver on land than on the sea, where the Quad or the Indo-Pacific concept may not render us the support needed.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Message for India in President Xi Jinping's love for guns and glory

China is clearly getting ready in case of another showdown with India.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Gandhi might be the ‘Father of the Nation’ but people are apathetic to him

You can say anything about him and no one will file a case against you claiming ‘sentiments were hurt.’

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How Mahatma Gandhi can still show the way

Once Gandhi is read as a scientist who used his body as an eternal test tube, the idea of satyagraha acquires a different kind of vitality.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How India is adjusting to the global power shifts

If China has a strategy of containing India, then New Delhi can challenge Beijing’s core interests. Alliance with Russia could come in handy.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

150 years on, why Mahatma Gandhi still matters

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about Gandhi’s complex legacy, in the October 7 edition of India Today magazine.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

What Hinduism meant to Gandhi

The Mahatma would have been sharply critical of what is represented by Hindu nationalism.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Can spiritual love save ageing playboys like Imran Khan and Brad Pitt?

Post MeToo, the rules have changed and a philanderer is no more a charmer even when he is Brad Pitt.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Lessons for India from a UK court verdict

The PM’s advice to the President has to be in the public domain as it represents the exercise of constitutional power.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why ‘declaration of war’ by Imran Khan is an opportunity for India

Ignoring the mental meltdown of the Pakistani PM, who has justified jihad against India, as the rant of a deranged mind would be a blunder.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

What explains Aaditya Thackeray’s decision to jump into the electoral fray?

The Thackeray scion’s foray into electoral politics is a delayed attempt to win over Maharashtra the way only his grandfather did.

LIFE | 4-minute read

The only weight-loss diet you need this festive season. Chuck the rest

Ditch these foods — now.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why India is so high on dry days

Dry days are the middle path traversing between a drinking drought and a drinking deluge.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Is Xi Jinping all that powerful?

One can understand that India will not be a priority for Xi, but, can China afford a clash with India, adding yet another headache for its President?

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Why Gully Boy is a good bet for India at the Oscars

The movie checks most boxes in terms of factors that the West expects from the cinema it terms 'foreign'.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why climate summits fail to spur action

Amid one of the largest environmental protests ever, the commitments from some of the biggest emitters — the US, China, and India — are awfully inadequate.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Modi weaved magic in Houston

There has been no doubt that the Prime Minister is India’s greatest leader since Mahatma Gandhi.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why hefty traffic fines are good, but not good enough

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why Indian roads continue to be deathtraps and what needs to be done to end the dangerous driving culture, in the September 30 edition of India Today magazine.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why Nirmala Sitharaman's tax cut announcement isn't a long-term solution

The approach to 'reform' has often included short-term measures that allow the economic car engine to start and push ahead faster but slow down eventually.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Modi's Houston gala will prove to be game changer

Modi’s masterstroke at the event was the manner in which he raised the Article 370 issue.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why the time to give online learning a chance is now

The salvation of India’s endeavour to meaningfully educate its youth lies through the path of technology-based education.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Howdy, Modi: What the Indian PM can achieve through Houston speech

India must use Houston as a launch pad for a robust new strategic global role grounded in clear-eyed reality.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Benjamin Netanyahu’s position weakens in Israel. What this means for India

The relations between the two nations are today driven by the political consensus that strong ties are imperative.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Why India’s Moon mission needs to be celebrated

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about what Chandrayaan 2 helped us achieve despite the Vikram lander suffering a hard landing, in the September 23 edition of India Today magazine.

VOICES | 15-minute read

#MeToo India: A year later, the men are back to work. What about the women?

Yes, you too. So what?

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why riots follow blasphemy accusations in Pakistan

The pattern of riots following all blasphemy accusations is hard to miss.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Will Nirmala Sitharaman’s last-mile gambit pull the economy out of slump?

The ‘last-mile’ window, on the face of it, is likely to help provide the necessary funding for healthy housing projects. That won’t be enough.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

It will not burn. It will not melt: What’s your alternative to plastic?

Be warned. Paper and cloth bags too come with dangerous environmental costs.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why heavy fines cannot fix India’s driving culture

Just about anyone can start driving on the road in real-time in real traffic in the country.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Who will take the heat of the Amazon rainforest fire?

The Amazon fire is a reminder that unbridled development is not in consonance with ecological sustainability and, consequently, human well-being.

VARIETY | 9-minute read

Bagha Jatin: The unsung hero of Indian independence struggle

His insurrection against the British during World War I was a precursor to the armed struggle led by Subhas Chandra Bose against them during World War II.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What Kripashankar Singh’s exit from Congress means for the BJP

Singh made swift political switches through his career. He will take the ‘Kripashankar culture’ to destination next.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

How social media is helping spread child lifting rumours

It matters little that the impact implies someone’s death.