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VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why Supreme Court faces a balancing act with Citizenship Amendment Act

The apex court's anodyne order has left the question of the constitutional validity of the CAA wide open.

POLITICS | 6-minute read

What keeps Sanjay Raut in news?

From being a journalist, to a ghost writer for Bal Thackeray, to taking the political plunge, Sanjay Raut never forgot the guru mantra Bal Thackeray gave him.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

How an army of data labellers are behind India's AI boom

Indian AI sector is growing by leaps and bounds and data labelling business is expected to be valued at $1.2 billion by 2023.

MONEY | 3-minute read

2020: A Do-or Die Budget for the Indian government

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the Indian economy, which is in the midst of a prolonged slowdown, in the January 27 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Taiwan's self-governance proving to be a thorn in China's flesh

It is a sign of China's growing economic heft around the globe that only 15 countries now recognise the self-governing territory of Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

VOICES | 8-minute read

When I went back home to Kashmir as a Kashmiri Pandit 14 years after the exodus

As we landed at the Srinagar airport, we stopped for a few seconds to inhale hard. We were coming back to Kashmir after 14 years.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Delhi's water woes: The political turf war ahead of elections is denying citizens their 'right to life'

Clean water cannot be allowed to be the responsibility of one body alone. It has to be the collective responsibility of all government machinery.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Satyarth Nayak’s Sridevi is a book for generations

Great lives must be documented, and Nayak does a fine job at documenting Sridevi’s.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Best years of student life stolen by the grind of coaching centres

The stress is not so much the coaching centre as the parents who put the weight of their expectations on the shoulders of their ward.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

DailyOh! The history of History Buff Saif Ali Khan to Blue Monday

Salamat Khan, Saif’s forefather arrived in India in 1480 AD. But hold on before you give him any tag.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Cricketers aren’t speaking On CAA. They have enough reasons not to

The cricket community today would rather be silent on matters of national importance than make statements they don't fully subscribe to.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Imran Khan likely to stir trouble for India over his visit for SCO summit

Pakistani liberals advocate that the Pakistani PM should use the visit to do everything possible to embarrass India, including targeting us in his speech at the summit.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why inflation is refusing to come down

Even if one were to assume vegetable prices would self-adjust, owing to 'seasonal' factors, one still needs to pay careful attention to other commodities like cereals and milk.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why Deepika Padukone's JNU visit could have cost Chhapaak at the box office

A reputation for fairness and reliability can come crashing down if one is not judicious in the causes one takes up.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

JNU protests will fade. The average student will pay with her future

The protests will fade away while the average JNU student will continue to suffer.

VARIETY | 9-minute read

Australia bushfires have killed half a billion animals. When will PM Morrison wake up?

As the bushfires ravage Australia wiping out one-third of the koalas and half a billion animals, PM Scott Morrison denies linkage to climate change and refuses cuts to the coal industry.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Fears over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act are unfounded

The huge hullabaloo over the CAA is difficult to understand unless it is a cynical campaign to rouse communal passions under the garb of protecting the secular nature of the Constitution.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Chhapaak was the perfect Right Wing wet dream. Then Deepika went to JNU

Padukone committed the cardinal sin of stepping into an 'anti-national' university.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Will 2020 be the sixth-year bogey for Narendra Modi and the BJP?

Can Modi government weather the storm set off by the protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC)?

VARIETY | 8-minute read

How Deepika Padukone gave Bollywood a hero to look up to

From experimenting with roles in the movies, to standing up for social causes in real life, Deepika has all it takes to be our shero.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why The Circle is the best reality show of our times

The American reality TV show on Netflix houses people together and allows them to participate in the show  —  and talk to each other  —  through the virtual assistant called Circle.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Such A Fun Age tells us how a woke world stands in the way of a just society

For both Alix and Kelly, who claim to care for Emira, she is just her blackness, her racial self.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Delhi elections: Will a blundering BJP and a lacklustre Congress prove advantage for AAP?

While AAP is widely perceived as a clear favourite in the upcoming elections, its main worry is that it finished last in the triangular race in the 2019 LS polls.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

JNU's night of horrors extends beyond violence on January 5

Over the last four years, JNU has been moved decisively away from the youthful idealism of Yuva to the bleakness of Gulaal.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Unleashing violence on protesting students in JNU or Jamia is closing them off

The fact that students protest is accepted across the world. What has shocked middle-class India is the barbaric bloody force that has been used against protesting students, from JNU to Jamia.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

New Year's mile high reminiscences

May 2020 be a blessing that you see in all that you see, and in all that you are not able to see.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How AAP has shown that BJP has neither issues nor a face to fight Delhi elections

AAP's silence on the Citizenship Amendment Act has come in for criticism, but has surely helped the party corner BJP.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Future visions: 2020

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about what experts think of the country's prospects in the decade ahead, in the January 13 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Fresh churning in West Asia as tensions between Iran and US rise

American actions have put Iran under intense pressure for retaliation, even though Iran’s internal dynamics are hardly suited for an aggressive posture.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Hum Dekhenge: How Dibakar Banerjee in Ghost Stories shows you India 2020

Can a horror story be political? Ask filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why the right to pee is a human right - and yet it is not

As seen in a recent case on Twitter, lack of an 'appropriate' place to pee can lead people to lose track of reason.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Recent violence has disrupted JNU’s ethos of heated, but peaceful dissent

Though there were occasional scuffles between student groups, the campus was largely known for debates and discussions to resolve any issues. Violence was never seen as a solution.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

2020: Why it's time for new storytelling

The way content was consumed recently has made it nearly impossible for the trade to guess what 'films' would mean to the viewer at the next turn.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Decency in protests has trumped the parochialism of the Modi regime

It is a time where the government that has been pontificating for years, gets a lesson in politics. For all its brutality, the government is speechless.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

What happened in JNU before TV crew reached

Masked men and women launched an attack inside JNU on Sunday night. This tension had, however, been brewing since January 1.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Iranian general Qassem Soleimani’s killing may make the Middle East more stable

Until Soleimani’s killing, whatever pushback there was against Iran did not really make a difference. It was always below the level at which the country would start getting deterred.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Delhi 2020: Why AAP doesn't even need to deliver clean air and 24-hour water

AAP is offering the electorate what the latter doesn't even find itself worthy of. The party can get away by not delivering too.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Can National Infrastructure Pipeline revive the economy?

This announcement comes at a time when the government's fiscal position remains clogged.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

With CAA, BJP has voted itself out of power in Assam in 2021

The BJP has not merely broken a promise made to Assam. It has betrayed the Assamese people by bringing in the Citizenship Amendment Act.

MONEY | 3-minute read

How the economy fared under Modi in 2019

The year 2019 saw a further deterioration in economic growth, with a possibility that the current fiscal year may record the slowest annual GDP growth in nearly two decades.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

2019: Well begun but only half done for BJP

A year that began with celebration of Balakot promises to end in division and acrimony. It will provide the BJP time to reflect on the triumphs and errors.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Take a peek into Pakistan's elite society blowing itself up with In the Company of Strangers

Awais Khan scratches the shimmering surface of this society to bring his readers face to face with a world that is both at odds with itself and at crossroads with the Islamists.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

2019: A turbulent and eventful year for Indo-China relations

Even as China speaks of ‘early harvest’ in border negotiations, existing Confidence Building Measures need to be improved in 2020 for a good crop to both the countries.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Futility of retribution: The encounter killings in Hyderabad

Violence is abhorrent, but never ever is the answer to it more violence. Isn’t that what Gandhi taught us?

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How BJP's strategy of installing chief ministers from non-dominant castes boomeranged state after state

Two of the three states where BJP refused CM's chair to dominant castes have been lost by the party. In the third, it is at the mercy of an alliance.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Dilemma of deciding a life-long career at the school level

Students are compelled to make career choices in school that are likely to stay with them for a significant part of their lives. But do they have adequate information to make such choices at that level?

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Unsung heroes: The champions of change

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about people who are ushering in a quiet revolution across the country, in the December 30 edition of the India Today Magazine.

VARIETY | 19-minute read

The Good, the Bad and the Unknown to Orwell, A Man Of Our Time: Books to look forward to in January 2020

Good reads, Jan 2020: A collection of thrilling short stories on crime to a vivid word portrait of George Orwell — the man behind the writings, here is what to read as you usher in the new year.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

As Modi magic fades, it is time to heed to young voices on CAA

A new generation of student leaders objected to the exclusion of Muslims from the CAA. They were a new citizenry showing empathy and cosmopolitanism that the BJP does not comprehend.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Who will win Avengers versus The Irishman battle?

Get the popcorn ready, the fight has just started.