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POLITICS | 3-minute read

Why Akali Dali chief Sukhbir Singh Badal has to fight to stay politically relevant

After Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa was declared ‘elected’ president of SAD in the first week of July, the rebel faction has expelled Sukhbir Badal.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

World Population Day: How Covid-19 risks reversal of progress made on gender equality

The fear of contracting coronavirus has kept many young women from accessing health facilities and interacting with frontline health workers on family planning.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

Vikas Dubey Encounter: Apni Apni Picture

There are two pictures running in our minds on Vikas Dubey's encounter. One is as told by the police. The other is a piece of fiction which will likely be used by the web series already being scripted.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

Hagia Sophia: Erdogan's dream is Turkey's nightmare

Hagia Sophia is back to being a mosque effective July 11. It is no longer a museum as Kemal Ataturk, the father of Modern Turkey, wished it.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

How Ladakh row could speed up Indo-US intel sharing

The 2020 standoff will not lead to an Indo-US military alliance but it will deepen the existing strategic partnership between the two countries.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why weddings cannot wait in Covid times

The pandemic has dented so many aspects of collective life over the past few months, but weddings are a different story.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

Five-star food delivery in the ‘new normal’

When an industry leader of the stature of Taj Hotels enters the fray with its own home-delivery menu, it means there must be a strong business case for this emerging vertical.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why Hong Kong is Xi Jinping’s new Achilles’ heel

The brazen modus operandi Beijing has employed to thrust the draconian national security law on Hong Kong could turn the tide against China.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How Chinese expansionist ambitions are at odds with its pop-culture exports

Chinese expansionism displays a curious lack when it comes to culture. This is at odds with most countries that have had expansionist ambitions.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

At home, rain or shine

Having shelter ought to be a right, not just a privilege. Living a life of wealth and access, with societal power and political connections, is a privilege.

ART & CULTURE | 1-minute read

When Vidya Balan plays a human computer

The Vidya Balan-led biopic on the wondrous mathematician Shakuntala Devi will be Amazon Prime’s second Hindi release after Gulabo Sitabo.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why we need to be pragmatic with China

The stakes are huge in terms of national security and economic choices India must now make with greater clarity and realism than before.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: Story of a forgotten people

With anecdotes and personal history, Rashid Khalidi details how declarations and treaties omitted the use of the word ‘Palestinians’, presenting Palestine as a land without people, rightfully that of Jews.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How conserving tribal languages will preserve dying cultures

In a culturally and linguistically diverse country like India, there is a need to conserve the tribal languages that are dying.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Is Black Death back? What you need to know about bubonic plague

After Covid-19, it is now the fresh outbreak of bubonic plague in China that has the world worrying.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

Sushant Singh Rajput death: A eulogy and questions

Token condolence messages for Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise are being perceived as reductive arguments about mental illness and self-nurturing saviour complexes.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

When Covid fear grips business and people in Bengaluru

As contact tracing has failed, the number of Covid-19 positive cases has increased in Bengaluru during the last two weeks. The average number of positive cases every day is nearly 1,000.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How India can reclaim its leadership in data analysis

The nation that taught the world to count sensibly and how to use data for efficient management much before the Christian era has seemingly lost its way.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

Migrant workers fear starvation. Not coronavirus

Around 10 lakh migrant labourers left for their parent states in April and May. Since the Unlock 1.0 began on June 1, nearly three lakh have returned to work.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Pakistan has dumped Hurriyat and Hizbul Mujahideen in Kashmir

After 30 years of romance, Pakistan seems to have dumped both Hizbul and Hurriyat alike.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How the new Indian welfare state fails in addressing core social, economic and political concerns

It seems what we are currently witnessing is a metamorphic, amalgamated evolution of the new-and old welfare state.

POLITICS | 3-minute read

Why Dilip Ghosh's new upmarket apartment is important for BJP

The biggest advantage of Bengal BJP President's sprawling 12-BHK apartment is that it is closer to the airport. With the election not very far off, the BJP leaders will come trooping in regularly.

POLITICS | 9-minute read

Why India must use the Ladakh opportunity to tame the Dragon

Given the current environment of economic discontentment and tenuous geopolitical situation, are China’s actions strategically opportune?

POLITICS | 6-minute read

Target China: Examining China’s linkages with the Indian economy

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the PM's new economic mantra in the wake of the pandemic and the Chinese aggression, in the July 13, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why nations must unite to take China on

China, in recent months, has quite brazenly started to flex its muscles and to browbeat, bully, intimidate, threaten not just smaller countries in the neighbourhood, but also some of the bigger powers.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

What is the new system to evaluate Congress leadership in Kerala?

Kerala Congress invented a system to reactivate its leaders by introducing Performance Assessment System (PAS) to rate its leaders and their popularity at grassroot levels.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

Why we need to be ethical in the race for Covid vaccine

The deadline to begin the trial so that the vaccine could be launched on August 15 may be unrealistic and even illegal.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why China’s designs must be called out

While addressing soldiers of the Indian Army in Ladakh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a message to our neighbour: “The age of expansionism is over”.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

How Jyotiraditya Scindia gained in Madhya Pradesh cabinet expansion

A political level, Scindia pulled off a smooth coup- from getting his loyalists to quit the Congress and to get them into a BJP cabinet.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The dynamics of self-reliant India

Both — Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India — are great ideas, and are misinterpreted in due to vested interests, or due to lack of communication and lack of understanding among the public.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why the world must isolate China

The global landscape, which till a few months back looked benign for China, has now turned against the Middle Kingdom in a manner that Chinese policymakers can ill afford to ignore.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

What businesses and corporate houses can do to kickstart the economy

The Covid war is far from over. India has done well in managing the pandemic so far. But the gains achieved can be easily undone by a few follies.

ART & CULTURE | 4-minute read

Will nostalgia be able to beat lockdown blues?

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were. However, the time in the history of the world where the bygone is recalled can do wonders.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How Covid made digital media the new normal

The real casualty of the Covid seems to be the newspaper. A sense of tragedy is lost in the celebration of the technological.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

How Bihar CM Nitish Kumar takes the lead in the fight against Covid

Nitish Kumar has demonstrated resolve and decision making that reflected in slowing down the spread and the impact of the Covid-19 in Bihar.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How RSS predicted China’s true colours

On an examination of the documents, most impartial observers will come to the inevitable conclusion that the RSS was right about China and the Congress was wrong.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

How Ashok Gehlot saved Rajya Sabha seats for Congress

Rajasthan Chief Minister has added to his stature ever since he ensured that Congress retained its flock together in the Rajya Sabha elections.

VARIETY | 9-minute read

Happy Birthday Kalyanji: An ode to the music Kalyanji-Anandji treated us to

The duo had a fine flair for regional folk music, catchy dance numbers, soulful devotional songs, children’s songs – you name it.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why Punjab farmers are angry with the state government

The Punjab farmers are irked with the government for blowing a chance to save water and in turn, help them save money.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

DailyOh! Dil Bechara with Sushant Singh Rajput

The trailer of Sushant Singh Rajput's last film, Dil Bechara, is out.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why China’s claim on Galwan is a lie

No Chinese national has ever set a foot in the area till the mid-1950s and it is only due to India’s weakness at that time that Beijing can make this outrageous claim today.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

Dearth of helping hands in apple orchards

Orchard owners are worried as they have not been able to source the solidly-built Nepalese labourers needed for the harvest of the apple crop.

VARIETY | 10-minute read

Why India must strike back at China to save Himalayas

China wants to keep India occupied on two-and-a-half fronts, in order to scare smaller nations.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

The best colleges of India

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about a definitive India Today-survey across 12 major disciplines for the Covid world, in the July 6, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Coronil criticism is more politics, less about clinical trials

If you can have homeopathy, you can have Coronil too.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

India, China and the RIC’s agenda

The RIC platform has today become a talk shop in many ways where generic discussions on global issues have become the norm.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

Why the PLA is posturing at the LAC

Chinese troops have ingressed at four major points while Beijing has laid claim to the entire Galwan Valley.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

A short history of star suicides

When it comes to awareness of mental health, India and America are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why China's aggression in Galwan may backfire

In overplaying its hand in the Galwan Valley, Beijing has made a close US-India alliance all but inevitable.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

Spicing up Ginza’s culinary universe

Spice Lab marks the beginning of a new generation of Indian cuisine.