Why Dujana exposé has not really exposed Pakistan

It's more of what we already know.

 |  2-minute read |   03-08-2017
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Slain Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Abu Dujana reportedly conceded that he was from Pakistan, besides "understanding" a bit of the game that is going on. One TV news channel went on to tag Dujana's statement as an endorsement of Pakistan's complicity in the terror mechanism that is pushing the Kashmir Valley to a state of beyond redemption - very fast. Logical, but clearly not an exposé of any proportion. It is common knowledge across the global spectrum as to who is instigating, indoctrinating, mentoring and funding young, promising Kashmiris as cannon fodder for the future.

Pakistan with its state mechanism is not only fomenting terrorism in India for decades now, but is also responsible for the terrorist violence that this corner of the globe witnesses. Look at the devastation across Afghanistan, look at the daily casualty list of jawans and civilians in the Valley, take a look at the devastation that the Pakistan-funded terror apparatus has caused in other parts of India.

One survivor lives in Israel these days - others are spread across the country, the world. While terrorism gets newsprint and hogs prime time - nobody cares about the survivors or the dead as soon as the supposed novelty factor surrounding the news dies down.

adujana-pti_080317101311.jpgPost the gunbattle in which Abu Dujana was killed. Photo: PTI

It is not as if Pakistan itself is untouched by terror. Thousands have lost their lives to the bombs and grenades and bullets of the very "freedom fighters" their country had so painstakingly nurtured. The country cannot be helped because terror is probably the most fruitful of Pakistan's foreign policy - the most effective - at least according to them. In bleeding India they have bled themselves. The consequences in the long run are not hard to comprehend.

But wait, there is a new master, an all weather friend who has invested heavily in Pakistan. A friend in need to push its goods across Pakistan's markets even has Pakistan has precious little to export. But market expansion will not come at the price of nurturing the terror network, right? Wrong - it has, on successive occassions, blocked UN resolutions on designating Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. It knows full well how another terror mastermind operates openly in Pakistan - he speaks, recruits, extolls, collect funds and chides the Pakistan government for being lax on Kashmir and soft on India, yet it may turn a blind eye towards the terror apparatus in Pakistan, as it may be used as a potent tool against India.

That being said, if the CPEC starts exporting Pakistan's most abundant resources - terrorism or its ideals across the other border - Pakistan will see that its former colonial masters were extremely liberal unlike its new masters. That might be a possibility especially with Hafiz Saeed registering his political party in Pakistan - so technically, he may end up in the government or leading it even - someday.

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