Don't sing like Amar Singh: Neta compares MJ Akbar case with allegations against CJI, distills all of Me Too to 'vengeful women'

The naya chowkidar slams Azam Khan’s misogyny but defends MJ Akbar and claims women won't get employment if they 'besmirch the image of a high placed male'.

 |  4-minute read |   04-05-2019
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So, after expressing his support to Jaya Prada, and all the women he thinks were insulted by SP politician Azam Khan's recent remarks in Rampur, we wonder what to make of veteran politician Amar Singh's recent tweet.

Despite the tweet causing some consternation, we are fairly sure that Amar Singh won't delete it — because he simply won’t understand why this tweet is problematic at multiple levels.

On May 1, he suddenly felt ‘bad and sad’ for former Union minister MJ Akbar, who apparently ‘lost his job merely on allegation’.

“CJIRanjanGogoi case is an ex it is very easy to besmirch the image of a high placed male” (sic)

We don’t even know where to start from — but wait, there’s so much more to the tweet.

On October 17, MJ Akbar resigned after his name cropped up in allegations of sexual misconduct during his prior stint as a journalist. The case is sub judice. Akbar, too, filed a case of defamation against journalist Priya Ramani who levelled the first charge. But there were many women rallying behind Priya Ramani.

A few days ago, a former Supreme Court staffer had levelled allegations of sexual advances against CJI Ranjan Gogoi. According to her, she used to work in Justice Gogoi’s home office in Delhi and after she thwarted alleged advances, she was removed from service.

amar-inside_050319042009.jpg'People will not like to employ female': This insight comes from veteran politician Amar Singh. (Photo: India Today)

While these charges are now probed, what emerges quite clearly is how Amar Singh seems to think. His tweet conveys his apparent anguish at how easy it is to besmirch a “high placed male”.

What he misses completely here is that 'a high-placed male' could also at times get tempted to misuse their 'height'.

But then comes the vital part.

“People will not like to employ female if this trend continues.”

So, according to veteran politician Amar Singh, who has been warming up to the BJP for some time now, this is a 'trend'.

This is not a struggle, a global one, with a strong Indian voice, that’s finally gathering steam, despite much muscle-flexing from male quarters. This is not a struggle in which women have each others’ back, and this is not a momentous struggle which involves the support of some sensible men. 

This is a 'trend'. 

Like wearing wedge heels.

It’s painful to believe that other men may be thinking in the same baleful way that Amar Singh is when he muses, ‘People will not like to employ female’. Because that’s how you eventually save 'high placed male', it seems. It's equally painful to believe that #MeToo, to the conviction of many, including persons like Singh with years behind them in public life, is apparently made up of entirely fabricated stories by women of flexible ethics.

Strangely enough, the same Amar Singh was merciless when it came to Azam Khan. On May 1, he tweeted that instead of banning Azam Khan intermittently, “something should be done to his tongue”.

So, he chooses his targets subjectively then. We're just thankful, in the Azam Khan case, Amar Singh did not remark that given the hullabulloo, perhaps women should not be allowed to enter politics.

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