Welcome Mia Khalifa to Bigg Boss: Fault is not in porn stars

It is called shock value, the careful art of throwing right back on our faces the things we've always done but never admitted.

 |  4-minute read |   14-09-2015
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As a country, India may not be many things but dual-faced it certainly is. Men can fearlessly urinate on streets but women have to think twice about what they wear. We're reproducing children by the second but two consenting adults can't have sex without cops barging into their hotel rooms. Our heroes are virgins at almost 50 and sadhus more virile than a pubescent boy. We worship women as mothers and goddesses yet every abuse in Hindi refers to someone's mother or sister alone. Boys are after all being just boys and women have the singular task of upholding the family's honour. If you ever find a country more colourful than our very own Bharat Mata, feel free to point it out.

One of the brightest sparks in our praiseworthy nation's modern day society is perhaps the most widely ridiculed yet widely watched so-called reality show Bigg Boss (an extra "g" for numerological reasons I suppose). Yet another example of how Indians loving ripping off foreign creativity, from movies to music and television, this show, hosted by the country's most lusted-after virgin, who incestuously goes by the name of Bhai, packs about a dozen odd people into a fancy house where there's nothing else to do but cook, fight, gossip, scheme, scream, insult alternate sexuality and show strange sides to your personality in the aim to get maximum screen-time that ensures them supporting parts in Bhai's movies the moment they get out of the house.

Some women have it luckier when the Bhatts come calling with a movie offer in hand. Those women though have to be scandalous enough to make everyone squirm (and men secretly jump in excitement) and nothing translates for that better in India than porn stars. There was Sunny Leone before, there's going to be Mia Khalifa this season.

For those who don't know and those who're pretending to not know, Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese adult movie star who raised a storm in Middle East for wearing a hijab and nothing else in one of her videos. Her signature look involves wearing glasses and she is one of the most searched porn actors in the world. If that doesn't guarantee raging TRPs then what else will?

While debating on the quality of television being served in our country will take a lot many days, the fact that Bigg Boss comes back to haunt us season after season proves two things- that we love trash in the name of television and that sex is bound to sell in a country that's busy shoving it in a corner.

It is called shock-value, the careful art of throwing right back on our faces the things we've always done but never admitted. Sex is the most shocking thing anyone can ever say (or maybe do?) in India; no wonder then that India ranked 6th in the list of the world's most porn-consuming countries. Can we really blame the makers of Bigg Boss for thrusting yet another personality on prime-time television? No. They're gift-wrapping it up only because we're lapping it up.

As we get ready to welcome Mia Khalifa into India and onto our TV screens soon, here are some reasons why India is certainly one of the more popular countries to arrive in for anyone who's looking to shake things up a bit.

We make stars out of porn stars

For a country that's still divided on porn ban, the verdict on a porn star's success is rather unanimous. Sunny Leone may have been the darling of only lonely souls with nothing but their internet connection some time back but today's she's the face of atrocious movies that are minting huge money at the box office. Baby Doll main sone di!

We're obsessed with item songs

Nothing excites us more than a badly choreographed, extremely distasteful item song that comes around in every big and not-so-big movie featuring even A-list celebrities who could certainly do something better with their time. Though it's only getting raunchier with every song, Mary is still sau takka chartbuster you see.

We're obsessed with porn

In our overtly busy lives, it's the only thing that provides us solace. We're in the top 10 most porn viewing countries in the world no less. At home, work or even at Parliament, wherever we go, we're watching it.

We're trying to give porn stars an alternate career option

The ban may have been eventually uplifted but since we're currently in a ban-everything phase. You never know when some "intelligent" leader decides to go back to the ban. What'll happen to those hard-working adult stars then? They're always welcome to work in Bollywood for we're always running short of good-looking women ready to flash some skin. Acting is not actually about acting, you see.

Welcome Mia Khalifa, Bigg Boss chahte hain ki aap confession room me aaiyein.


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