The divine Bassi
 |   1-minute read |   20-07-2015

The divine Bassi

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It is degeneracy to attribute the lethargic gut-heaviness of the thulla cop to fleet-footed constables such as those sworn to protecting the wicked in Delhi. If anything, their prowess is positively mythological in status. Take Bassi - a busy, ambidextrous, multidextrous man. With the sickle in his right hand, you know... that dissolution of time, space and causation... He tortures and extracts confessions from the Friends of Raj Kundra Inc, with the lathi in his left, he arrests the errant lesser-educated AAP ministers. With his second right hand he does pranaams to the PMO while with his second left, he shields off the onslaught of the AAP. In his third right hand he has the head of a rapist and in the left the head of a cop and by divine providence they both are exactly the same face. No wonder he has his tongue out. He wears a girdle of severed arms and a necklace of skulls - most of them female - and snakes garland him. He is at this point starting to look quite god-like except that instead of his all-seeing eyes unleashing fury on the world, his eyes remain firmly shut. Who's that under his feet? Oh, Delhi.


Gayatri Jayaraman Gayatri Jayaraman @gayatri__j

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