I am an affluent actor. This is my house. Imagine rest of Tamil Nadu: Siddharth on #ChennaiRains

The actor who starred in 'Rang De Basanti' tweeted a picture of his submerged bathroom.

 |  4-minute read |   02-12-2015
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Chennai is experiencing the worst flood ever to hit the state in about a hundred years. Power grids have shut, commute has been blocked, airport is submerged, thousands have been left stranded with people moving to the terrace of their apartments, and water is mercilessly drowning half the city - all hell has broken loose.

Water has even seeped into the tech giant Infosys premises.

At a time of such scale of crisis, people from across the country are coming together on social media to do some exceptional work by co-ordinating relief activities, helping in the rescue of people who are stranded, ensuring food and water to those who are stuck in different parts and even recharging people's phones.

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Actor Siddharth, familiar to north Indians for starring in the blockbuster Rang De Basanti, has been active on Twitter since last night, constantly tweeting updates about the flood in Tamil Nadu, along with R Balaji, actor and radio jockey. Together they're trying to do their best to offer help, shelter and food to all those in need.

Siddharth tweeted a photo of his bathroom submerged due to water coming out of the drains saying "I am an affluent actor. This is my house. Imagine rest of Tamil Nadu".

He advised people not to stay inside their cars as this resulted in many deaths during Mumbai floods.

Theaters have been accomodating many affected people, we learn from his tweet.

His next tweet said Balaji and him are trying to reach out to people and get information about those who are stranded and in need of help.

Siddharth tweeted at midnight requesting people who can drive around to do so and help with the relief work.

He also said he'd be driving around today.

Siddharth has been online and responding to many tweets coming his way and trying his best to spread the word about all relief measures.

Actor and son of DMK leader Stalin, Udhayanidhi Stalin responded to Siddharth extending his support.

It is heart-warming to see these stars reaching out to help the common man, bursting myths about stardom. It is equally moving and inspiring to see thousands of good samaritans extending their help and support to tackle nature's anger. The national media should actively participate in relief and use the power of their reach to ensure everyone's safety. As for Siddharth, Balaji, Stalin and many other stars, Kudos!

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