When Hindu Sena celebrated the birthday of Donald Trump, their newest god

The Republican presidential candidate joins the pantheon of the existing 33,00,00,000 deities. Twitter laps him up.

 |  4-minute read |   14-06-2016
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How many gods are there in the Hindu pantheon? Some 33 crores, by some respectable estimates. Now we have our 33,00,00,001th deity, it seems.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Donald Trump - the "messiah against Islamic terror" and the newly anointed godhead for the fringe rightwing loony group, Hindu Sena. 

This hitherto marginal player in the long game of "Hindu-neonazi bhai bhai" has just marked the birthday of their newest god, as they cut a three-tier multi-coloured cake for the Republican presidential hopeful, who has launched a vicious anti-plurality campaign in the United States.

hindusena-trump-use1_061416041024.jpg Hindu Sena celebrate Donald Trump's birthday at Jantar Mantar. (ANI)

As it happens, the Hindu Sena chose the venue keeping in mind all the political ramifications.

Jantar Mantar - the mecca of the "gliberal" chatterati from all over India, particularly New Delhi, and its assorted academics, left-wing intellectuals, protesting students and many others - was the site where all the long distance affection on Trump was showered, and the sugary, creamy, slightly iffy-looking cake was cut and eaten.

Vishnu Gupta, the Hindu Sena chief who planned the open-air gala, complete with balloons and posters, and a life-size cut-out of Donald Trump brandishing a gun, termed the man a "saviour of humanity" and ostensibly the person who would deliver America-India from the tyranny of Islamic encroachment.

Trump's ascension to Indian heaven seems complete, now that he's happily jostling for space in that throne hitherto reserved for Narendra Modi only.

But clearly, as the Indian prime minister's statesman-like ambitions take flight, Hindu Sena is banking on a more grounded approach from Donald Trump, who has made elaborate promises to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out, and also making them pay for it; plus, there's always that brilliant strategy to enforce a blanket immigration ban on Muslims.

hindusena-trump-hava_061416041007.jpg Hindu Sena perform a havan in honour of Donald Trump in May this year. (ANI)

And even though Hindu Sena are staunchly anti-gay, that didn't stop them from observing a one-minute silence in the memory of Orlando massacre victims. It's a completely different matter that had any of the murdered Pulse regulars visited India and confronted any of the wonderful Hindu Sainiks, they would have been shown their place, promptly at that.

Twitter obviously had a field day soaking in the gala of a Trump bash in the heart of New Delhi, H1-B visa issue be damned.

What a happy birthday for Donald Trump indeed!


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