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India hits back: 5 reasons why Army's surgical strikes were historic

The so-called red lines that could spark a nuclear response from Pakistan have been tantalisingly and visibly quaked.

 |  Know Your Enemy  |  2-minute read |   29-09-2016
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1. This is the first ever Indian statement on a peacetime covert operation across enemy lines. A post-facto declaration of a special forces operation is actually historic at a global level.

2. The operation thrusts Pakistan into a sharp strategic dilemma, one that it rarely finds itself in owing to the insidious nature of its proxy war. With India's overt declaration of a covert operation, Pakistan stands compelled to respond in some way. If it does not, it will be seen to be accepting such action as 'Square 1'.

3. The covert action, but more so today's statement, is a thundering message to the world. This is India saying with greater clarity than ever before in history, that while the world (and the UN) are welcome to sit on their hands and prevaricate over taking a no-nonsense non-rhetorical stand against Pakistan and the terrorism it sponsors, India can be expected to take action. India needs no sanction or approval to take action against threats off the soil it controls.

4. The so-called red lines that could spark a nuclear response from Pakistan have been tantalisingly and visibly quaked. While Pakistan's response is still awaited, India has demonstrated the possibility of military action well under the threshold of conventional attack. It forces Pakistan to rethink and perhaps recalibrate its response routine.

story_092916073832.jpg  Soldiers of the Indian Army. Photo: Reuters

5. Finally, this is now India's starting point for any future provocation. Phrases like "kadi ninda" and "strongly condemn" will have the wind knocked out of them and should be quietly buried. While chest beating and celebrations are best avoided (but understandable in the psychological circumstances), a powerful message goes out to all concerned: this is how it is, and we won't give Pakistan the comfort of shadows any longer.

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