JNU has betrayed the faith of India

Can there be an ideology existing in the nation which advocates secession?

 |  3-minute read |   11-02-2016
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The day the entire nation was praying for Hanamanthappa Koppad, the soldier who was rescued from under 25-feet of snow in Siachen, a few people in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) - known as the bastion of the Left activists - were mourning a traitor and shouting slogans against their motherland. We haven't heard any voices of concern on it from the highly sensitive intolerance-cum-award-wapsi-gharana yet. The nation, it seems, comes last for them. Those who show their bravery in shouting slogans against India are like those who were borne and brought up in the US but bombed their own land and killed those who voted for their right of freedom of expression and movement.

The Kashmiri Muslims sloganeering against India enjoy the freedom to study and move freely in this country because we all have opted for democracy and rule of the Constitution. They, however, abuse all this and more. They operate in the cover of night and try to shield "terrorists".

When David Coleman Headley was scouting in Mumbai to prepare for the 26/11 attack, the bogey of Hindu terrorism was raised and behind this curtain attention of the nation was diverted from Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) sleeper cells to an imaginary fear.

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It is unfortunate that those who helped 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasab and one of the main conspirators Headley, have still not been identified and tried. Who provided them logistics in India? Who were giving them shelter and cover? These people were creating false issues of political hatred and revenge through leftist organisations and trying to create communal strife through a more-than-helpful-secular-media, which works hand in glove with such anti-nationals.

Remember the people who woke up the Supreme Court at midnight during Yakub Memon's hanging? And do you remember the apologists for SAR Geelani?

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They are forthright in shielding the traitors and campaigning for them through the so-called mainstream newspapers. If they were really from across the border, I am sure the media would have advocated a better treatment to them and asked for their freedom under any pretext. The people sitting on the fences, though very motivated, feel very hesitant to speak about the false alarms of the terrorist-tolerant-Karachiwale-gang and respond to the attacks on the Indian nationhood.

Suppose the angry patriotic JNU students had reacted to the traitors on the campus, what would have been the news and the editorials penned next morning? It might have read like this: "The saffron goons attack innocent Kashmiri boys." Or, "Assault on freedom of expression repeated in Delhi."

Should our faith for the nation be a matter of politics and an issue of debate among different ideological streams? Can there be an ideology existing in the nation which advocates secession? Should the tri-colour now be a debatable piece of cloth?

Should punishment for those on a university campus who support terrorists be turned into a murky political debate and should the university authorities look the other way, giving space to such elements? If that happens, what face will those who swear by the Constitution, and are ready to live and die for the tri-colour, show?


Tarun Vijay Tarun Vijay @tarunvijay

The author is a former Rajya Sabha member and has directed a ten-part serial on the Indus river.

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