In sketches: What JNU's march for India looked like

Thousands across all ages, class, gender walked for the common vision of a free and democratic country.

 |  1-minute read |   20-02-2016
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It was electrifying to see the thicket of people that had formed at Mandi House. The head of the march, of many thousands, was scarcely visible. My friend and I wound our way towards the head, feeling instantly at home, infused by the spirit of harmony, the sense of a shared vision, that made all the protestors, across class, age, and gender, happy and energised to be around each other.

Up ahead, speakers stood at the back of a truck, stirring us with their speeches. And beyond the mid-section of the march, where their voices could not reach, people sang together, while walking towards Jantar Mantar.

This is one of the best Delhi walks I have done, walking in solidarity, towards a common vision for a free and democratic India. Some of the faces that I spied reappeared in my sketch book:

yogi_022016013245.jpg Yogendra Yadav.

blue_022016013316.jpg  Woman in blue glasses.

fasc_022016013518.jpg  Banners asking to repeal the sedition law.

bhagbhag_022016013637.jpg  Free speech under attack.

green-man_022016013723.jpg  A gorgeous man in a green sari.

flower-power_022016014046.jpg Flower power: A peaceful, gender-neutral march.

man-suit_022016014114.jpg Man in a suit has a different agenda.


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