Being anti-national is the new fad for liberals

Umar Khalids are not as dangerous to India as some journalists serving a larger anti-national cause.

 |  5-minute read |   20-02-2016
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It was the '80s - a man named Bhindranwale had gone all out in declaring a war against India, demanding for a separate Khalistan. There was a brave lady who against all logic stood for what was best for the country, stormed into the Golden Temple to cull the raised head of the Khalistani movement. For this brave stand, she even lost her life. The strange thing is, she had a premonition that Operation Blue Star was going to be her doomsday, but she didn't cow down.

Indira Gandhi rose for her country and laid down her life. Almost three decades later, her own blood, her grandson Rahul Gandhi goes and joins a movement demanding martyrdom for a terrorist who on camera had confessed to being one of the masterminds of the Parliament attack.

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The greed of power has become so strong that a man like Rahul Gandhi has stooped to a level where he does not mind being on the streets pumping movements which the entire country can sense are unpatriotic and anti-national. This act of his is followed by people like Rajdeep Sardesai doing imaginary opinion polls on the popularity of Rahul as a PM if elections were held today. If this is the way Rahul wants to be crowned, forget the country, he will be a disgrace to his family.

He is the great-grandson of Nehru who cried on hearing the lines "zara yaad karo kurbani". His father, his grandmother all were victims of political assassinations. And this man wants to declare Omar Khalid a freedom fighter, whose links to banned organisations like SIMI and Afzal Guru are being unearthed.

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India is a democratic country and everybody has the liberty to like or dislike a leader. But that does not mean that in the whole act of not approving of the leader in power, your hatred takes over the loyalty for your country. I have no qualms in naming journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and many like them, from their ilk, who have gone to bizzare levels to prove that India has turned into a Banana Republic.

The strangest thing is that whenever a terrorist is on the line of justice, the same brigade comes out in full force. The usual names crop up from their worm holes to show there solidarity for the killer. All human rights, "death sentence is cruel" slogans, candle light marches come to life, when an Ishrat is encountered, Afzal is hanged or Yakub Memon is going to the gallows. They are like a colony of bats. They come out in darkness and disappear in the face of the light. As the night falls again, they come out with their mics, candles and petitions.

The biggest proof of liberty is that they can spew their anti-national venom on prime time television with no fear of any repercussion. Their loyalty to their political masters supercedes their loyalty to the country which we consider as our motherland. Families may have a feud, but when it comes to their mother they stand together to protect her dignity. I fail to understand how their conscience allows them to put up a dharna in the middle of the night to ask for clemency for a bomb blast convict Yakub Memon.

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Who are these people? What are there ulterior motives that they can stoop to the level of defending a Yakub, Afzal or an Ishrat? For heaven's sake, playing the minority card is an age-old trick, these journalists love to apply. But sorry, it does not work in this case nor does it reflect on the secular fabric of India.

They call Modi communal. For a moment I am ready to give the benefit of doubt. Gujarat riots happened in 2002. Modi came to power in 2014. 12 years is a long time for delivering justice. No stone was left unturned to drive Narendra Modi and his people behind the bars. Modi was subjected to an 18 hour-long SIT investigation which happened under the Congress rule. If the Congress and its allies think he is communal and he was the one responsible for 2002, he should have been in prison. And if hasn't, then either the UPA government was inefficient in carrying out justice or plain and simple, Narendra Modi is clean and innocent.

Freedom of speech ends where the dignity of my country begins. Omar Khalids are not as dangerous as these journalists, who in the garb of television anchors are servicing a larger anti-national cause or could be strong players in a bigger conspiracy (that only time will tell). The fourth estate is often called as a conscience keeper but what happens when the conscience keeper is left hollow with no conscience? Because only a person with zero soul can applaud to a slogan like "Bharat Ki Barbaadi".

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Who needs enemies across the borders, when you have these people working overtime for them? Hafeez Saeed could not harm the country as much as these handful of journalists in the media are. Feel sad for soldiers like General GD Bakshi that they have to cry and beg to the country to respect the national flag. There was a time when a song would evoke the patriotic fervour to this extent that our eyes would well up at the mention of "zara yaad karo kurbaani".


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The writer is a film-maker and social activist.

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