Chilling footage of elderly woman shot dead in Uttar Pradesh is gunda raj caught on cam

A case of land dispute, murder and witness intimidation, that sounds all too familiar for UP.

 |  2-minute read |   25-01-2018
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A shocking video of an elderly woman being shot at point blank range is more proof that lawlessness ends where Uttar Pradesh begins. The state that has, for years, had nothing to show for law and order, was bracing up for a sea change with Yogi Adityanath’s ascension to the seat of UP chief minister.

But crime, as this video would suggest, is as rampant as ever.

According to reports, on January 24, in a gruesome double murder, three men in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut shot dead a mother-son duo. While only the video of the mother, 55-year-old Nachhattar Kaur, being shot was caught on CCTV, the son, 26-year-old Bholu alias Balvinder, too was shot dead earlier in the same manner. 

Initial investigation suggests that Bholu and his mother were murdered by Mange Ram and his brother-in-law Golu, and an unidentified assailant. It turns out Sobir, Mange’s brother, had murdered his uncle Narendra Singh — Bholu's father — in 2016 over a land dispute. According to Bholu’s wife Kanchan, the family was being pressured against appearing as a witness in the murder case.

“We have identified (two) assailants from the CCTV footage. They are her brother and nephew. Raids are being conducted at their possible hideouts. They will be arrested soon,” said additional director general of police, Prashant Kumar.

The police seemed on the defensive. “We have detained a few persons in connection with the double murder. The woman and her son never complained about life threats or they would have been given police protection,” said SSP Meerut Manzil Saini Dahal.

In November 2017, Adityanath boasted: “The criminals were ruling the roost under the previous regime due to which investors were migrating from UP. Now, after formation of the BJP government, they are returning, as criminals are being sent to their 'right place' (jail)."

Incidentally, only recently, Adityanath had summoned top police officials questioning them on the sudden spurt in crime.

It seems like he may have shot himself in the foot yet again. According to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau, Uttar Pradesh topped the crime statistics for 2016, accounting for 9.5 per cent of the total crimes committed in the country.

A crime that has murder, land dispute, witness intimidation and more murder, all in broad daylight does not make UP a safe place.

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