Mulayam Singh Yadav is the messiah of rapists

Samajwadi Party chief is clearly living up to expectations.

 |  2-minute read |   19-08-2015
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To me, Mulayam Singh is an extremely honest man – indeed honest to a fault! Find me another man who has the nerve to thumb his nose at any sort of pretence and say boys will be boys.

If you are calling his fresh comments another "rape shocker", think again. He is only saying the first natural thing that comes to his mind while thinking about rape. Call it experience or his upbringing in the state of UP, but he is so living up to expectations. Would you not call that honest?

Of course, to an earnest Mulayam Singh, men will be men when it comes to women. They will harass, torture, rape, mistreat, abuse. It is as honest as it gets coming from a man who finds all these things routine, mundane, day-to-day and nothing out of the normal and who, thankfully, has not been blessed with a daughter nor does he deserve one.

Grow up and think where he is coming from. If four or five men waylay a girl, chase her or ambush her in a dark lane and overpower her, remember there is technically only one guy who is to blame unless all of them have outraged her modesty. See the technical and legal point there? How wise is this owl!

Obviously, it would only be to apprehend one and let the others go free so that they can help accomplish the same feat, over and over again.

On August 18, a 16-year-old girl was "allegedly" (yes, allegedly because you have to be very careful about hurting the integrity of these men on the prowl. They have honour, you see, that needs to be protected) gang-raped by five youth, all roadside vendors, on a deserted terrace of the busy Charbagh railway station in Lucknow. She was dumped in a Malda-bound train with serious injuries. Since this happened in UP, all of them are not culprits. I hope law takes that finer point of justice into account before proceeding in the case.

Believe me. If anything, Mulayam Singh Yadav should be seen as the messiah of the rapists - the anointed one.

And while we are on this issue, I want to add a quick aside for all the courageous women out there: The recent incidents of you having beaten the daylight out of harassers and stalkers makes my heart swell with pride. Keep at it because if we have the misfortune of having men like Mulayam Singh Yadav in India, we will need many like you to beat them into shape. Don’t let Gandhi’s doctrine of ahimsa dampen your spirit even for a moment because he was a man who had the self-discipline of sleeping next to naked women. He did not know Mulayam Singh and his likes.

Finally, don’t get swayed by "Beti Bachao, beti padao"... just bank on "Bado beti. Padho beti"!


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