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 |  2-minute read |   20-11-2014
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Rampal's game is up

The endgame is near for self-styled Sant Rampal, with the Haryana police nabbing his aide Purshottam Das. But the Haryana police and administration will continue to be haunted by its standoff with Rampal's goons in Hisar that has injured more than 200 people.

Stop using Indian fishermen as prawns for diplomacy 

While it is all very well to thank the Sri Lankan government for releasing five Indian fishermen on death row, the entire exercise is a bit farcical. Why are poor Indian fishermen arrested, put on death row for heinous crimes like smuggling drugs, only to be released later as a confidence building measure?

Need for better coordination in terror cases 

The manner in which Burdwan blast accused Sahanur Alam managed to give police the slip in Assam's Dhubri district shows that there is a need for better coordination between the police of different states and the National Investigation Agency.

New phase in India's coal mining sector 

As many as 74 coal blocks will be up for grabs as the Centre will begin the auction process on February 11. The government has done the right thing by placing a cap on the number of mines a can bid for. If implemented properly, this can break the oligopoly that has characterised the coal mining in India.

Sari-clad Kim will send Bigg Boss TRP soaring 

If a sarong-wearing Pamela Anderson can help Bigg Boss grab millions of eyeballs, one can only imagine what will happen when Kim Kardashian appears on the show wearing a sari. And even if reports of her charging Rs 5 crore for the appearance are true, no one's going to be complaining.


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