3 ways to celebrate Republic Day

Do take some time out later today, tomorrow or at some point, to give back to your nation or know more about our glorious history.

 |  4-minute read |   26-01-2016
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So yet another Republic Day and another glorious year for the nation is here. 67 years and infinite stories to inspire us. But, a question, I have often asked myself: Are we or am I doing enough for my motherland? My father served in the Indian Air Force. There are number of stories which inspire me. Of course, you don't have to join the forces to serve your nation. You can do umpteen number of things no matter what profession you choose or what background you come from.

There are many ways to learn, know and take pride in being an Indian. There are various ways to give back to the society. So while you enjoy the colourful parade on Rajpath or choose to sleep till noon, do take some time out later today, tomorrow or at some point, to give back to your nation or know more about our glorious history.

1. The museum

There are times when I feel that we are more amused by malls, high-rises, skyscrapers and swanky shopping centres. These have kind of replaced the whole idea of visiting museums or places which commanded some fascination untill the late 1990s.

On my last birthday, a dear friend took me to the National Museum. It's obvious that our outlook changes with time and I found it a boring idea initially. However,  looking back at the various chapters in history and its culture closely was indeed an interesting way of opening up a new dimension in my present. So, the next time you have an off day from work or your busy schedule, do try some of the museums in your city. And if you're a Delhiite like me, do visit the National Museum near India Gate and the Air Force Museum - a lesser known one but one of its kind, preserving the glorious history of the Indian Air Force. Trust me, you might find the idea a bit different but it would surely help you to know your nation's rich culture and heritage better.

2. Sharing is caring

How often do we feel fortunate to have a roof over our head and proper clothing to protect us from the biting cold? Well, sometimes we do and sometimes don't. The same goes for every morsel of food we eat. There are a number of NGOs and other organisations which donate warm clothes to people who might not be as fortunate as us. So do some Google search and get in touch with such organisations and try to help at least one person if you can. It not only brings positivity to you but also comfort to that person. If you can afford a Starbucks coffee or a meal at KFC, you can surely share one meal with someone who might be in need of it. And mind you, there's no dignity in sharing left-overs. Imagine if you were given left-overs just because someone had excess food which was almost on the verge of rotting. So give/share/donate what you would be comfortable in accepting had you been in that needy person's shoes. Remember! The days may be cold but keep your hearts warm.

3. Clean it Up!

I observe a number of people criticising the Clean India/Swachch Bharat campaign. Of course, everyone has a right to criticise in a  democratic republic, but then shouldn't you be the change you wish to see? Start off with your own surrounding. Pick up that chocolate wrapper left by your neighbours' kid or clean a public place even if it act is basic in nature. Picking unnecessary stuff and dropping it into the dustbin - of course we need more dustbins on the pavements. Every time I go out, I try to spend at least 2 to 5 minutes cleaning the spot I stand on. I might sound like an utopian but imagine if we all do our bit to ensure our surroundings are spick and span, it'd surely ensure success of the various cleanliness drive(s). It has nothing to do with any affiliation with a political party or organisation, do it for yourself, for your country.

If you really feel that you should contribute to our country even if it's by following the above basic three steps, this is the time. Recognition and accolades won't be heaped for your act but you can surely expect to gather more knowledge about the history and some satisfaction to have served the nation.


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