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Stop asking for evidence of surgical strikes: Put India above politics

This is not the time to demoralise our Army.

 |  Breaking Views  |  1-minute read |   05-10-2016
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During my weekend visit to the green grocer in my Delhi neighbourhood, a routine query on his well-being was responded to with a broad smile and a shower of praise for "Modiji" for having had the guts to "teach Pakistan a lesson". He was, of course, alluding to the cross-border strike or the "surgical strike" carried out by the Indian Para Special Forces and "Ghatak" platoons of the local units in the wee hours of Thursday, September 29.

m_id_400803_indian_a_100516075113.jpg An Indian Army soldier on duty. (Photo credit: PTI) 

While going through the papers of the last couple of days, and also the coverage on news channels, one couldn't help but wonder if journalists of all hues had ended up parroting the line of the establishment without caring to question the narrative at any point.

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