BCCI's politics of boycotting ICC Champions Trophy is foolish

Although the attraction of the tournament is entirely dependent on India, the financial implications of a pull-out are equally severe.

 |  2-minute read |   25-04-2017
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The Indian cricket board, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), continues to use the veiled threat of a pullout from the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy as a bargain tool to dictate terms. The latest threat is in the form of nonchalantly missing the squad announcement deadline set for the tournament.

The old order of the BCCI liberally used the threat last year during their confrontations with the court-appointed Lodha Committee in a quest to retain decision-making powers. But despite their financial might and well sculptured "contribution costs" to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the tactics came a cropper and the BCCI officials had to go.

Not too many inside the ICC are pressing the panic button over India being the only nation not having named their squad yet for the trophy. With intense negotiations underway in Dubai between member nations ahead of the ICC Board meet, most reckon there will be no cloud burst.

Although the sell ability of the tournament is completely dependent on India, the financial implications of a pull-out are equally severe for India.


Broadcasters Star India, who have spent $2 billion for the 2015-2023 ICC tournaments' rights cycle, are undeterred and have begun to promote their Champions trophy campaign. The campaign looks to awaken the length and breadth of India to back their team to defend the trophy.

One of BCCI’s primary partners recently announced that jersey sponsors Oppo have called for a jersey launch event in the first week of May. The invite says the BCCI CEO will be in attendance as well. The selectors cooling their heels awaiting an SOS to pick the squad would already have done their number crunching.

One is better advised to trust the Star campaign than the empty threats from BCCI corridors. If only the broadcasters promo campaign was more moving!

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