Why India was so special for Brendon McCullum

Way beyond the first IPL century.

 |  1-minute read |   22-12-2015
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Brendon McCullum's highest Test score is 302. He made it against India. McCullum came in to bat when the Kiwis were 52/3, nearly 200 runs behind. The match appeared lost. McCullum was dismissed when the Kiwis were 625/7, over 400 runs ahead. Match saved, series sealed.

An unlikely knock from McCullum: he battled 559 deliveries, for nearly 13 hours. There was always more to Baz than met the eye. He was much more than a limited overs' superman, if only he knew. But then, he wouldn't have been quite himself. Brendon McCullum, an altogether different cricketing equation, one which won't be solved in a hurry. Thanks for the action, mate. Fly away.



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