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Virat Kohli or Sachin, let there be more than one cricket god

When you draw comparisons between two sporting greats.

 |  Breaking Views  |  1-minute read |   29-03-2016
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(This vlog first appeared here on March 28.)

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When Virat Kohli sent the Australian bowlers on a leather hunt in a make-or-break match of the World T20 on Sunday (March 27), the nation became convinced that he was the chosen one. The one who would take over from Sachin Tendulkar as the god of cricket. After all, he had been anointed by Sachin himself, and has done everything and more to vindicate the faith shown in him by the fans and Sachin himself.

sachin-tendulkar-1_032916111426.jpg To the many gods of cricket. 

Faith. That's what we are largely guided by in India. And for that, there has to be an object. The object of faith and hence, worship.

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There's the slow sublime serenity of Test cricket. There's the faster paced ODI world. Then there's the mad slam bang international T20 arena.

There are those unending records in cricket to boost anyone's case and those damned statistics. Then there are those cricketers who worship only victories and don't scratch the record books much.

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