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Bong joon-ho, Academy Awards, Oscars, Parasite

Message for India in Parasite's Oscars win

Despite being the world's biggest film industry, Bollywood continues to be ignored by all major film awards festivals of the world.


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Academy Awards, South korean cinema, Bong joon-ho, Parasite

Why Bong Joon Ho's Parasite rises beyond the subtitle barrier

In Parasite, director Bong Joon Ho makes the South Korean society see itself in a mirror, under a harsh white light.


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Ranveer Singh, Academy Awards, Oscars, Gully boy

Why Gully Boy is a good bet for India at the Oscars

The movie checks most boxes in terms of factors that the West expects from the cinema it terms 'foreign'.


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Inclusion rider, Frances McDormand, Academy Awards, Oscars 2018

My favourite moments from Oscars 2018

By the end of her rousing speech, Frances McDormand had viewers googling for ‘inclusion rider’.


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VFX, Academy Awards, Oscar, Guillermo Del Toro

Why Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water is a VFX marvel

Directed by the talented Mexican director, the movie won four awards – including 'Best Picture' – at Oscars 2018.


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Academy Awards, Hollywood, Oscars 2018

Best and funniest moments of Oscars 2018: The Shape of Water and Frances McDormand steal the show

The Academy Awards also paid tributes to India's Shashi Kapoor and Sridevi.


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Entertainment, Cinema, Academy Awards, Oscars 2018

A guide to this year’s Oscars

For the first time in years, the Academy has a chance to commemorate the talent as well as themes transforming cinema, without causing any major upset.


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Twitter Trolls, Academy Awards, Om Puri

The tragedy of Om Puri being remembered at Oscars but not in India

The country has never respected its artists.


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La La Land, Academy Awards, Oscars 2017

Who I think will win the Oscars - and why

This one’s hot! It's close and being debated fiercely.


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Movies, Oscars, Academy Awards

10 of the best Oscar movies that you cannot afford to miss

And the award for best film goes to...