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Afghanwomendresscode, Talibanrestrictionswomen, Talibanwomen, Afghanwomen

Taliban orders Afghan women to cover up from head to toe or else...

The Taliban has ordered Afghan women to cover up from head to toe or else face dire consequences.


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Afghanistanheroin, Heroin, Afghanistanpoppy, Afghanistanopium

Taliban bans opium in Afghanistan, the drug that brought them to power: 5 points

From the world's most impoverished corners to high-end clubs where opium and the drugs it produces is consumed; the supplies mostly come from one place unimaginable, Afghanistan. Now, the rulers want it gone.


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Shariah, Afghanistan, Afghanistantaliban, Taliban

Taliban has new rules for men and women visiting parks in Afghanistan

The Taliban has put out a new set of rules for men and women visiting parks in Afghanistan. It is absurd to say the least.


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Education, Schoolsafghanistan, Afghanwomen, Afghanistan

Taliban makes u-turn on reopening schools for girls, asks them to return home

When the Taliban announced around a week ago that they will soon be reopening schools for girls, the extremist outfit received praises from around the world for the progress. Of course, the world should have known better.


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Talibaninternationalwomensday, Afghanwomen, Afghanistanwomen, Internationalwomensday

Taliban just wished Afghan women a happy Women's Day. This is not satire.

It's International Women's Day. Women may be getting wishes and greetings in their inboxes. But were you expecting one from the... Taliban? Yes, the folks from Afghanistan?


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Taliban, Afghanistan, Italy, Afghangreeneyedgirl

Whatever happened to Afghan Green-Eyed Girl Sharbat Gula?

Ever wondered what happened to the little green-eyed Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic, whose sharp gaze tore through the conscience of millions in the world? This is her story after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.


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Narendra Modi, Afghanistan, Sco2021

At SCO Summit 2021, a message from Modi on Afghanistan

To help battle radicalisation and extremism in Afghanistan, a well-connected Central Asia is necessary.


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Haqqani network, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, UN Report

Why Taliban’s bluff must be called

A UN report on the continuing links between the Taliban and Al Qaeda has received scant attention in a world dominated by the coronavirus.


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Kabul attack, Afghanistan, India-Afghanistan ties, Taliban

New Delhi and the Kabul conundrum

India will have to accept that despite its history with the Taliban and continuing concerns, it will need a proactive engagement policy for durable peace.


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USA, Hamdullah mohib, Pakistan, Taliban

How India will pay a heavy cost for the inaction in Afghanistan

If Afghanistan becomes a haven for extremists and Pakistan-backed proxies become the ultimate arbiters there, India would have the most to lose.