Air Pollution



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Delhi, Smog, Air Pollution, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

[Watch] How to run Delhi Half Marathon in pollution with lungs full of smog

One of the most toxic top-tier road races is set to take place even as residents are gasping for breath.


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Rich, Poor, India, Delhi

To fight air pollution, India first needs to take the mask off privileges

New fault lines of inequality will emerge, as the poor continue to choke, while the well-off don N95 masks.


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How air pollution fogs the mind and affects the brain

It's the silent killer lurking in the background.


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Delhi Smog, Air Pollution, AQI, Delhi-NCR smog

How to rid India of terrifying pollution once and for all

Only sustained all-round action considering every minor detail will ensure compliance for improved air quality.


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AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, Odd-Even, Air Pollution

Five-day Odd-Even plan may not help in curbing Delhi’s pollution emergency

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s diktat is more for optics than data on vehicular pollution from petrol and diesel cars.


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Stubble burning, Fire Cracker, Twitter, #NGT

How Delhi is reacting to toxic pollution levels

Authorities must act as the capital turns into a gas chamber.


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Smog, Twitter, Delhi ncr, Air Pollution

As Delhi's pollution reaches 'emergency' levels, Twitter reacts to smog chokehold

Doctors in the capital have warned of a public health emergency asking people to not go out or risk chronic lung and heart diseases.


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Air Pollution, Smog, Delhi ncr, Pollution

It's toxic in Delhi. Does nobody care that pollution will kill us all?

Perhaps it is time for citizens to once more take to the streets and shake the authorities out of their slumber. Otherwise, this city will take your breath away.


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Delhi Smog, Stubble burning, Air Pollution, Delhi pollution

Delhi NCR wakes up to an apocalyptic day with pollution hitting alarming levels

Even chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said, 'Delhi has become a gas chamber'.


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Firecracker ban, Smokeless Diwali, Air Pollution, Delhi

Was SC's ban on firecracker sale in Delhi-NCR successful?

Reports suggest 2017 was Delhi’s cleanest Diwali in three years, but air pollution is still there.