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NIA, Anti-terror sqad, Terrorist attack, Amit shah home minister

Because individuals can be terrorists too: Why India needs UAPA Amendment Bill 2019

We face highly complex new security challenges today. These cannot be tackled effectively with old and clumsy machinery. The UAPA Amendments are definitely the right move.


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Mehbooba Mufti, Owaisi on triple talaq, Narendra modi pm, Amit shah home minister

Triple Talaq a singular win

The passing of Triple Talaq bill has exposed the truth of Advani and Amit Shah’s point that Congress continues to be addicted to the politics of vote-bank and side with the ‘fanatics.’


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Mehbooba Mufti, Hurriyat hypocrisy, Amit shah home minister, Terrorism in kashmir

When it comes to terrorism, it’s all about the money in Kashmir

Going by Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech, the gloves have finally come off and the money trail in J&K will be followed to dismantle the terror industry that has been flourishing for decades in the valley.


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Vajpayee advani partnership, Amit shah narendra modi partnership, Amit shah home minister, Amit shah 2019

The Shah of India: The challenges, and the comparisons, that now face Amit Shah

From Kashmir to Ayodhya, Citizenship Amendment Bill to Naxalism, India's new Home Minister has no dearth of tough issues to take on. He also has a host of comparisons riding on him.