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Terrorist attack, Anantnag, Muhammad mir, Jammu and Kashmir

A Decision Most Strange: BJP leader’s brutal killing in J&K exposes deadly negligence in understanding security threats

It is said even the Raj Bhavan is displeased at the way security cover to key persons in the Valley was revoked. However, the choice of probe has raised even more questions in Kashmir.


 |  3-minute read
Healthcare facilities, Garbage disposal, Contaminated water, Kulgam

The Real Kashmir: Kulgam goes to the polls, seeking better water and a cleaner district

The challenges in Kulgam go beyond the usual narratives of terrorism and strife. But will its political contestants, including PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti, drop the hyperbole and look at the water supply?


 |  2-minute read
Kashmir, Anantnag, Bus driver, Amarnath Terror Attack

Amarnath terror attack: What we can learn about courage from bus driver who saved 50 pilgrims

Salim Sheikh didn't panic, didn't scream and also didn't stop.


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Terror attack, Militant attacks, Kashmir, Anantnag

Attack on Amarnath yatra pilgrims is ugly politics of terror pushing Kashmir over the edge

Seven have died in what can only be termed a heinous assault on a religious procession that has great cultural significance for the Hindus.