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Article 370 scrapped, Pakistan raises kashmir issue, Nuclear policy, Rajnath singh defence minister

India’s nuclear policy not in for a change. Rajnath’s comment a ploy to rattle debt-ridden Pakistan

India pays a lesser price by announcing a change in policy to reduce the risk of war which, otherwise, a weak establishment in Pakistan may be emboldened to take.


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Patriarchy, Misogyny, Jammu and kashmir news, Article 370 scrapped

License to Wed: Is 'gori ladki' from Kashmir a takeaway from the abrogation of Article 370?

Is marriage, as BJP MLA Vikram Saini implies, a political tool? One that could now be used by non-Kashmiri men wanting to marry 'fair-skinned Kashmiri girls'?


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Article 370 scrapped, Amit Shah, Narendra modi pm, Jammu and kashmir section 370

Article 370 scrapped: Why now? And won't it isolate Kashmiris even more?

Isn't Kashmir being played around with by the BJP? Why scrap Article 370 when you haven't even held an election? But the Congress too has a lot to answer for.


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Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370 scrapped, Dogra

Article 370 gave corruption and cruelty only: Kashmir made slaves of us Dogras and Jammu. This tyranny had to end

Kashmir's leaders ruined their region with militancy, were cruelly indifferent to Ladakh and totally oppressive to Jammu. It's time for that to change and us Dogras to regain our voice.


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Donald trump meeting imran khan, Imran Khan, Article 370, Article 370 scrapped

The deal that broke: Article 370 had to go when Donald Trump met Imran Khan. What follows now?

Pakistan likely agreed to help the US in Afghanistan for US help on Kashmir. But the Modi-Shah masterstroke upset that scenario. So, is the Afghanistan deal off too?


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Syama prasad mukherjee, Article 370 scrapped, Amit Shah, Article 370

Far beyond politics: BJP's revoking Article 370 reconnects India to Kashmir, home of Shaivism and our ancient traditions

Article 370 had become a tool to insulate Kashmir and prevent its modern growth. It also separated the fount of ancient Hindu philosophy from a mainland denied its own heritage.


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Mehbooba Mufti, Article 370 scrapped, Amit Shah, Amit shah article 370

Kashmir Checkmate: Amit Shah planned intricate political chess while his opponents were busy playing tic-tac-toe

It took strategy, research and precision timing, but Amit Shah pulled it off, leaving the Omars and Muftis dazed at the skill of a man they don't even consider their social equal.


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Farooq Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Amit shah article 370, Article 370 explanation

Azaadi from Article 370: Finally, a new dawn and a new identity for Jammu and Kashmir

The age of feudal overlords in J&K is over and true democracy has finally arrived. BR Ambedkar would be the happiest man were he with us today.