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 |  2-minute read
Narendra Modi, Kathua rape, Asifa, Maya kodnani

Modi government must answer why victims are increasingly being denied justice

Why is the police soft on criminals of the ruling party but harsh on those from the Opposition camps?


 |  Sunny Side Down  |  4-minute read
Aseemanand, Saffron Terrorism, Hyderabad, Verdict

Why Mecca Masjid blast verdict is a travesty of justice

Vote-bank politics is apparently gaining the upper hand at a time when the state is bound to respond to relatives of victims over its failure to ensure justice.


 |  4-minute read
Mecca Masjid, Aseemanand, Kathua-Unnao rape, PM Modi

Why PM Modi's words cannot be taken seriously

The prime minister pretends to uphold the rule of law while his foot soldiers shred it to pieces.


 |  Stories Unscene  |  8-minute read
Indian Judiciary, Maruti-Suzuki, Aseemanand, Dr Saibaba

Saibaba, Maruti Suzuki and Aseemanand rulings: Burden of 'development' and Hindutva

Judiciary leans to favour a corporate development narrative; NIA remains soft on Hindutva terror.


 |  5-minute read
Right-wing terror, Aseemanand, RSS, Ajmer blast

Ajmer blast conviction: Why most media refrained from using 'terror' tag

The said terrorist act at the Ajmer Sharif shrine was not committed by an Islamist group but by right-wing Hindutva terrorists, members of RSS.