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World Cup 2019, England odi series, Asia Cup, MS Dhoni

Why MS Dhoni must play the 2019 World Cup

MSD might be out of form at the moment, but there are several reasons why there’s no replacement for him.


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Malaysia, Pakistan, Asia Cup, Indian Hockey

Indian hockey is going good, but can get better

With a new coach in command, the team has performed well in the Asia Cup, but needs to step up to match European teams.


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Umesh Yadav, Ian healy, Virat Kohli, Asia Cup

Australia can lose all the respect for Virat Kohli, their own captain cheats

It won't be long before he bounces back with another special, but it will be long before Steve Smith is once again viewed as a cricketer with integrity.


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Dhoni, World T20, Asia Cup, IndVsBan

Bangladesh repents waking Dhoni up with severed head photo

'Evil design software' being blamed for its defeat in the Asia Cup final on March 6.


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Dhoni, IndVsBan, Asia Cup

Serves Bangladesh right. Ridiculed Dhoni hunts down 'Tigers' in Asia Cup final

India won the title by eight wickets in Mirpur on March 6, and the captain played a big part with the bat.


 |  Thinking Deva  |  6-minute read
Asia Cup, Dhoni, IndVsBan

Can Bangladesh be any worse? Photo showing Dhoni's severed head shameful

It crosses the unspoken red line of courtesy that rivals have.


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T20 cricket, Asia Cup, IndVsPak, Virat Kohli

How to separate Virat Kohli from the boys

Start by watching the man hit the ball.


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Mohammad Amir, Virat Kohli, Asia Cup, IndVsPak

Breaking: Pakistan to play as UAE to justify performance

PCB feels the Emirates is already its home away from home.


 |  Thinking Deva  |  7-minute read
Virat Kohli, Asia Cup, World T20, IndVsPak

Asia Cup T20 match proves #IndvsPak is the greatest of all contests

Kohli thwarted Pakistan's spirited fightback and led India to a five wicket win in Mirpur on February 27.


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Asia Cup, India vs Pakistan, Virat Kohli

Asia Cup: Kohli showed what it is to bat like a champion

Such maturity from the Young Turk was definitely a pleasure for the purists.