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Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Assembly Polls

What the BJP and Congress can do to emerge victorious in Lok Sabha polls 2019

Both the parties need to grapple with potential blind spots ahead of the crucial elections.


 |  4-minute read
Voting, Elections, Blockchain, Lok Sabha Polls

Turn to Blockchain: Why the ECI should look beyond EVMs for Assembly and Lok Sabha polls

It's time we start looking at Blockchain as a viable solution to restore people's faith in the idea of fair and free elections.


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Assembly Polls, Congress, Telangana, Legal battle

Why KCR faces a legal battle ahead of Telangana Assembly polls

Political parties and organisations have moved the court against errors in the draft voters list.


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Rahul Gandhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, Assembly Polls

Ahead of MP Assembly polls, Congress has a new strategy

Rahul Gandhi will play a central role in the poll campaign that is expected to borrow heavily from the Gujarat-Karnataka template.


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Congress, Assembly Polls, Telangana, TRS

Why KCR is gearing up for early Assembly polls in Telangana

TRS wants to take advantage of a divided opposition and an underprepared Congress.


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Madhya Pradesh, Congress, Ekta yatra, Assembly Polls

Ahead of Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls, Digvijaya Singh aims to unite the Congress

Called the 'Ekta Yatra', the latest initiative aims at resolving the differences between Congress leaders right down to the village level.


 |  5-minute read
Assembly Polls, Odisha, BJD, BJP

Why Baijayant Panda quitting BJD could be a game-changer for BJP in Odisha

The leader may well pose a serious challenge to Naveen Patnaik in the upcoming Assembly polls in 2019.


 |  4-minute read
Amit Shah, Yeddyurappa, Assembly Polls, BJP

Why failing to form a government in Karnataka is a reality slap for BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grandstanding will come under a severe cloud with this episode that played out in full public view


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Stock market, BSE, NSE, Karnataka

Why the stock market loves Modi winning elections

NSE and BSE climbed sharply after the BJP emerged as the single biggest party in Karnataka Assembly elections.


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Karnataka, Assembly Polls, BJP, Amit Shah

How BJP reacted to gaining a massive lead in Karnataka

The party emerged as the single biggest in the Assembly elections.