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Cricket 2019 world cup, Indian Army, Balidaan badge, Virat kohli 2019 world cup

World Cup 2019: Why I've stopped watching India play cricket

Once known as the gentleman’s game, the sport has turned bats into weapons for hyper-nationalism and for advertising opportunities. This is now war, of a different kind.


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Army-insignia, Balidaan badge, MS Dhoni, Cricket

MS Dhoni and his Balidaan: The lessons to learn from women's tennis

The recent brouhaha over MS Dhoni's armed forces insignia turned the whole affair into one of hyper-nationalism, cricket be damned. Personally, I'm with Dhoni, but not for the reasons you'd think.


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Balidaan badge, World Cup 2019, MS Dhoni, ICC

MSD's Balidaan badge row

MS Dhoni wore a 'Balidaan badge' during South Africa's match, BCCI has defended Dhoni's move while ICC has asked Dhoni not to wear it again.


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MS Dhoni, Army-insignia, Balidaan badge

Wear the Balidaan badge with pride, MS Dhoni: Don't we play for pride of country?

Why it's perfectly logical for MS Dhoni to wear his special badge. After all, the ICC has changed its own rules many a time in the past.