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 |  4-minute read
Bihar assembly polls 2020, West bengal assembly elections 2021, Narendra Modi, Rammandir

How the combination of Ram and welfare benefits will serve BJP in the upcoming polls

The construction of the Ram Mandir has been carefully timed: it is expected to be ready to admit its first devotees three months before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.


 |  Patna Durbar  |  2-minute read
Covid-19, Bihar assembly polls 2020, Nitish Kumar, Coronavirus in bihar

How Nitish government's efficiency controlled Covid crisis in BIhar

Nitish Kumar has put his best foot forward by establishing his government’s preparedness, ability and credential to take Bihar out of Covid crisis.


 |  Patna Durbar  |  5-minute read
Rashtriya janata dal, Bihar cm nitish kumar, Bihar assembly polls 2020, Bihar cm

Statistics don't lie: Why Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is miles ahead of other contenders

On the surface, it might seem that the vote share of BJP has increased over a period of time. A closer look at the statistics however, reveals a completely different picture.