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Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Bilateral Ties, India-Russia relations

19th Annual Bilateral Summit 2018: Where India-Russia relations stand today

The two nations have a rich history together. But new pressures from the USA, China and Pakistan may impact ties significantly. PM Modi and President Putin stand at a threshold today


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Korean peninsula, Bilateral Ties, Moon Jae-in, South Korea

How Moon Jae-in’s visit can provide a new impetus to India-Korea relations

The visit will provide a great opportunity for President Moon and Prime Minister Modi to prepare a road map to carry the partnership to the next level.


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Nordic nations, Diplomacy, Bilateral Ties, Sweden

Why Narendra Modi reaching out to Nordic nations is both historic and important

The Swedish government will be providing more than $59 million for innovation cooperation in the field of smart cities and sustainability.


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Defence, Bilateral Ties, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron

Why French President Macron's India visit may make Justin Trudeau feel snubbed

Over the last two decades, the partnership has grown steadily, with no major political differences darkening the sky between Paris and Delhi.


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Khalistani movement, Bilateral Ties, Canada, Justin Trudeau

What can we expect from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's visit to India?

From trade and investment to skill development, the visit is likely to strengthen key areas of interests including energy, science etc.


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Brexit, India-England, Bilateral Ties, Sadiq Khan

Why London mayor Sadiq Khan visiting India is British diplomacy at its finest

The UK recognises the huge growth potential that Asia's third-largest economy currently holds.


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Modi, Bilateral Ties, Kargil, India-Pakistan

A Pakistani explains why India and Pakistan have stopped talking to one another again

The two nations continue to hurl allegations amid soldiers and civilians dying at the LoC.


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Bilateral Ties, Benjamin Netanyahu, PM Narendra Modi, Weapons

Why Modi's Israel visit is hugely important

Currently, of the total arms imports of India, Israel is third (7.9 per cent) after Russia (68.29 per cent) and the US (14.5 per cent).


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Pakistan, Surgical strike, Bilateral Ties, Indian Army

India, Pakistan war of words after Army’s border operations show bilateral ties will only worsen

New Delhi bragging of its ‘secret’ military incursions and Islamabad issuing flimsy refusals look like a déjà vu of last September.