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Bhai, GIFS, Birthdays, Salman Khan

52 GIFs to celebrate 52 years of Salman Khan

Can't get enough of him.


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Cake, Fans, Birthdays, Narendra Modi

Some Indians who went overboard to wish Narendra Modi a happy birthday

While the GDP growth rate may have taken a dip in his tenure, the prime minister's popularity certainly hasn’t.


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Superstar, Bollywood, Birthdays, Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is 24 but she could be India's next biggest superstar

She knows nothing but work, work, work.


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Birthdays, Twinkle Khanna, Rajesh Khanna

Twinkle Khanna shares birthday with father Rajesh Khanna, her wishes won our day

The actor-turned-author penned a heartfelt message to her superstar dad.


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Twitter, Birthdays, Arvind Kejriwal

Only Arvind Kejriwal's birthday could have coughed the best Twitter reactions

Delhi CM is still everyone's favourite aam aadmi.


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JK Rowling, Birthdays, Harry Potter

How I planned a magical Harry Potter-themed birthday party

It was bewitching.


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Birthdays, Girish karnad, Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan's birthday is irrelevant

This ugly episode tells us that we tend to forget people around us to fight over ancestors long gone.


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Birthdays, O Panneerselvam, DMK, AIADMK

Jayalalithaa's birthday: Why AIADMK is overdoing the celebrations

Each gift party workers hand out is given with the word “Amma” on their lips and adorned with stickers of Jaya’s beaming face.


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Wishes, Birthdays

Why I hate my Happy Birthday

Here's the right way to react if you hate them too.