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Amit shah section 370, Nirmala sitharaman budget, Bjp 2.0, Economic slowdown in india

BJP’s new roadmap for Kashmir may derail due to economic slowdown

The bold move to unshackle J&K from the prison Article 370 confined it to has given the Modi government political goodwill across the country. Let the economy not deflate it.


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PMO, Oppression, Democracy, Bjp 2.0

The threat to autonomy

One senses that irony and authoritarianism go hand in hand. It is a story to be recounted years from now as part of the anecdotes of authoritarianism.


 |  3-minute read
RSS, Dalit votes, Minorities, Bjp 2.0

Why RSS now wants the BJP to focus on minorities

The party's ideological parent has identified the areas where the party made astounding electoral gains in the Lok Sabha elections 2019.