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Congress dynasty politics, Movie ratings, Vivek oberoi, Narendra modi biopic

FilmO: Should you watch PM Narendra Modi this weekend?

Underwhelming and uni-dimensional. You're not missing much.


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Pakistani terrorists, Bjp in lok sabha, Masood Azhar, Global terrorism

After ‘Global Terrorist’ Masood Azhar, what next for Pakistan?

Srijana Mitra Das speaks to Gaurav Sawant on the implications of the 'Global Terrorist' tag


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Bjp in lok sabha, Narendra Modi, Kairana by-poll, 2019 general election

What May 28 by-polls mean for BJP's falling numbers in Lok Sabha

A look at the 23 Lok Sabha seats, where by-polls have taken place since 2014, shows that the BJP has won only four.