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 |  7-minute read
Books, Book excerpt, Bloomsbury, Steppingbeyondkhaki

Stepping Beyond Khaki: A tale of policing

[Book excerpt] The book is a tell-all memoir by celebrated former police officer K Annamalai.


 |  6-minute read
Books, Sonia shah, Bloomsbury, The next great migration

How the urge to migrate is coded in our genes

An exclusive excerpt from Sonia Shah's latest book, The Next Great Migration, that makes the case for a future in which migration is not a source of fear, but of hope.


 |  4-minute read
Kiley reid, Bloomsbury, Such a fun age, Bookreview

Such A Fun Age tells us how a woke world stands in the way of a just society

For both Alix and Kelly, who claim to care for Emira, she is just her blackness, her racial self.


 |  19-minute read
A long petal of the sea, Orwell, Bloomsbury, Goodreads

The Good, the Bad and the Unknown to Orwell, A Man Of Our Time: Books to look forward to in January 2020

Good reads, Jan 2020: A collection of thrilling short stories on crime to a vivid word portrait of George Orwell — the man behind the writings, here is what to read as you usher in the new year.


 |  19-minute read
Norsemythology, Hangtilldeath, Mymother'slover, Krishnayogeshvara

My Mother's Lover to Hang Till Death: Books to look forward to this December

Good reads, Dec 2019: A heartwarming collection of short stories to chronicles of the most hard-hitting capital punishment cases in India, what to read as you head into 2020.