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Dhoni, Brendon McCullum, World T20, Kane Williamson

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson is the new Dhoni

He is calm, composed and shoulders the responsibilities of captaincy with panache.


 |  Thinking Deva  |  12-minute read
Flashback, Virender Sehwag, Kumar Sangakkara, Brendon McCullum

14 top cricketers who retired in 2015 and will be sorely missed

The void they have left in their wake is massive.


 |  1-minute read
Cricket, New Zealand, Brendon McCullum

Why India was so special for Brendon McCullum

Way beyond the first IPL century.

Brendon McCullum, New Zealand, Australian, Cricket World Cup 2015

Brendon McCullum: Before and after World Cup Final

How the defeat to Australia changed the New Zealand captain.