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Dailyoh, Thappad, Brexit, Jamiashooter

DailyOh! Thappad championship to Delhi Police vs Jamia shooter

Did you know Russia hosts a Slapping Championship? Well, it's the world's first.


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Theresa May, Scotland, UK, European Union

Britain votes for Brexit

Even as Britain has signalled that it wants the Brexit turmoil to end, the UK’s political future remains a matter of contestation.


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Supreme Court, Bommai verdict, Brexit, Boris johnson

Lessons for India from a UK court verdict

The PM’s advice to the President has to be in the public domain as it represents the exercise of constitutional power.


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Kiren Rijiju, Brexit, Heena Sidhu, Shooting

Because India is no cheap shot: Why we should shoot down the 2022 Commonwealth Games

With Brexit imminent, Britain wouldn't want India to abandon the CWG. But India derives little benefit from membership of a post-colonial club where shooting is replaced with beach volleyball.


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Conservatives, Prime minister of uk, UK, Boris johnson

Boris Johnson is no fool: Don't underestimate a shrewd politician who relentlessly planned becoming Britain's PM

Boris Johnson declares he will follow in the example of his hero, Britain's war-time PM Winston Churchill. He will first need to fight serious political battles though.


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PM Modi, Vijay Mallya, Brexit, Demonetisation

Lord Meghnad Desai: 'India has got rising growth, falling inflation of a kind not seen before. It's absurd to claim an unemployment crisis as well'

Lord Meghnad Desai, renowned economist and Member, House of Lords, UK, spoke with Rohit E David about India's economy, Narendra Modi's moves, demonetisation and Vijay Mallya.


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Globalisation, Finance, India, EU

Why Brexit is bad news for the UK and the rest of the world

Economic uncertainty aside, Brexit has made the UK seem increasingly intolerant and inward-looking. No wonder crucial events in Kashmir have not evoked much thought from its leadership today.


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Brexit, Make in India, Vande bharat, BBC

BBC adding emoji to Vande Bharat report is callow and shallow

If the BBC has suddenly discovered the joys of emoji-spattered news, we can't wait to see how it will report on the train wreck called Brexit.


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British parliament, Pregnant mp, Tulip siddiq, Brexit

Pregnant British MP forced to delay birthing to vote on Brexit: 19th century rules still rule Parliament today!

The shocking case of an MP having to delay childbirth to be able to vote in Parliament in person, as demanded by the rules, has thrown Britain into debating the patriarchal laws even its lawmakers have to live with.


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European Union, Jeremy corbyn, Theresa May, Brexit

British PM Theresa May survives no-confidence vote, will Brexit survive too?

Here’s what can happen to the deal now.