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India-us relations, India-iran relations, Donald Trump, West Asia

Why end of Iran nuclear deal will hit Indian interests hard in West Asia

Should New Delhi waver or dither, Tehran would hand over the strategic Chabahar Port to China and Pakistan.


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Paris climate accord, Nuclear deal, India-iran relations, Chabahar port

Why end of Iran nuclear deal puts India in a spot of bother

New Delhi will try its best to maintain its current ties with Tehran without offending the US.


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Chabahar port, Donald Trump, India-Iran Business, Iran Nuclear Deal

How US pulling out of Iran nuclear deal will affect India

Among other things, oil prices will most definitely inflate.


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West Asia, Observer Research Foundation, Chabahar port, Rouhani visit

What Hassan Rouhani's visit to India says about New Delhi's West Asia policy

In the current realignment of forces in West Asia, India will not take sides. It will tango with Sunni Saudi Arabia as well as Shia Iran.


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Diplomacy, Chabahar port, Afghanistan, India

What is India's role in Chabahar port?

For Iran, the development of the Chabahar port with international assistance is a highly symbolic move to let the US know that Tehran is no longer isolated.


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India-Afghanistan ties, Af-pak, Afghanistan, Chabahar port

India should see Chabahar Port for the game changer it is

There should be little doubt that Pakistan would deploy means to disrupt a Chabahar-pivoting India-Iran-Afghanistan alliance.


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China, India-Pak, Chabahar port

The historic blunder of India no one talks about

After independence, Gwadar port was reportedly first offered to India by Sultan of Oman but India declined to accept the gift.