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BJP, Abduction, Chandigarh stalking, Varnika Kundu

Varnika Kundu's courage shows how women can reclaim the Indian street

The case has stirred a positive discussion, mainly galvanised by her strong stand.


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Chandigarh stalking, Misogyny, Vikas Barala, Haryana

Chandigarh stalking case: Sad how BJP Haryana unit confirmed ‘misogynist Jat’ stereotype

Let's look at the party's antics and defence of accused Vikas Barala.


 |  4-minute read
BJP, Vikas Barala, Chandigarh stalking

Chandigarh stalking case: Proof police was politically compromised

The accused have turned the ruling BJP government's famed slogan 'Beti Bachao' into 'Beti Darao'.


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Chandigarh stalking, Chandigarh stalking, BJP, Vikas Barala

Chandigarh stalking case: Tough questions for BJP chief Subhash Barala

Varnika Kundu has exposed the ugly politics of power and influence.


 |  5-minute read
Crime Against Women, Varnika Kundu, Vikas Barala, Chandigarh stalking

Chandigarh stalking case: When Mayawati was in ML Khattar’s shoes — and expelled her MLA

We cannot blame our politicians alone for shielding goons.