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Dalai Lama, Tibet, Xi Jinping, China-tibet conflict

Situation worsens for Tibetans as China dictates terms to Nepal and Myanmar

It is perhaps time for India to wake up and recognise that Tibetan refugees have never created any problems for India over the last 60 years.


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Tibet, China-tibet conflict, Panchen lama, Dalai Lama

China readies for next Dalai Lama. Why India should be worried

The Chinese-selected Panchen Lama has been touring villages bordering India.


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India and china relations, China-tibet conflict, Tibet policy, Tibetan Uprising Day

The Dalai Lama legacy: India needs diplomatic policy on the succession issue

Indo-Tibetan ties have never been as strong as they are today. A principled and strategic intervention in the succession issue is a challenge and opportunity not to be missed.


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Chinese red army, China-tibet conflict, Dalai Lama, Tibetan Uprising Day

Tibetan Uprising: Where is the Buddha?

"With the end of the debate on Tibet in the United Nations, Tibetans lost all hopes of their survival, stare at the sky with the blank eyes and ask: where is God, where is the Buddha?”