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Christchurch terror attack, Jacinda ardern, David lange, Newzealand

David Lange to Jacinda Ardern, how New Zealand is transferring power to millennials

New Zealand seems to have embraced the idea of political power transfer to millennials, who prioritise environmental protection and the greater good of society.


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1984 anti-Sikh riots, Huda sha’arawi, Jacinda ardern, Hijab

Christchurch Mosque Attack: New Zealand's women came up with the grandest of all gestures against Islamophobia

Kudos to the women of New Zealand and their PM, Jacinda Ardern, for their powerful gesture of wearing hijab in solidarity with Muslim women and the Islamophobia they face.


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New York Times, World media, Islamophobia, Terrorsim

Christchurch vs Pulwama: Why the world's reaction towards the two terrorist attacks must be questioned

Both Christchurch and Pulwama were terrorist attacks, one against Muslims, the other against Hindus. Yet, why are both received so differently by the world in terms of reportage, analysis and emotional outpouring?


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Christchurch terror attack, Religious riots, Hate mongering, Islamophobia

Christchurch terror attack: Why hate is the easiest emotion to embrace

Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister, has rejected the message of hate, paving the path for a more accepting society. Can't we all do the same?


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New Zealand, Kashmiris, Islamophobia, Christchurch terror attack

After Christchurch: We are talking about Islamophobia today. But humanity itself is at stake

There is a sharp spike in Islamophobia globally, and Kashmiriphobia in India. Both are attacks against all goodwill and humanity.


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Jacinda ardern, Terrorism, New Zealand, Christchurch terror attack

Christchurch terror attack: Terrorism has no religion, face or country

How many more people need to die before the world, united, will say: never again?