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Housing, Migration, Cities

All that India needs to build incredible cities of the future

If all citizens get is a concentration camp akin to living by drains and sewers, it is an unforgivable failure of state duty, besides increasing health and crime hazards.


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Poetry, Cities, Delhi

How Delhi compares with other capital cities through eyes of the world's finest poets

Capitals are tied together by a common thread despite their seeming differences on the surface.


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Urbanisation, Smart cities, Urban Planning, Cities

Let's make India's cities vibrant, not just smart

The ultimate reality is that they are all about people and not about fancy architecture.


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Cities, Public Spaces, Urban development

Why we need lush, green parks for our children to play

You will encourage a natural 'nationalist' in the process.


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Swachh Bharat, City planning, Cities

What we don't but must talk about our cities

It is not an abstract space but a sensorium of smells, tastes, sounds, a community of touch.


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Cities, Poems

It never ends. Caste system hasn't spared even our cities and countries

The truth is: you are just another human being in just another city, living in a delusional bubble.


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Innovation, Cities, Odd-Even Formula, Delhi pollution

Human-centric governance can make Indian cities a better place

The way people organised themselves into carpools and created communities in response to the odd-even plan is a wonderful example.


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Environment, Cities, Urban Planning

Why boundaries drive me up the wall

A hedge of one foot of bougainvillea, six inches of a thorny bush and another six inches of cactus will serve the same purpose.


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Cities, Kitab Khana, Monsoon, Mumbai Rains

Why Mumbai rains make me nostalgic

If you can endure the city, you may locate within its confines something akin to a drug-addled haze, where everything floats and you simply go with the flow.