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Coal India, Economic slowdown, GDP, Coal blocks

How Indian courts could be holding back the economy

The burden of economically irresponsible judicial decision-making could be exponential as was the case with the famous coal block allocation case.


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Namchik Namphuk, Arunachal Pradesh, Coal blocks, Coal Auction

Why dropping Namchik Namphuk mine from coal auction is good for Arunachal

On the environmental front, civil society bodies have been raising concerns, with no response.


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Energy Security, Coal India, Coal blocks

Coal ordinance: Government needs a plan

The coal sector must jettison the present policy regime to achieve substantial output expansion.


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Coal blocks, Kim Kardashian, Burdwan Blast, Sri Lanka

Making sense of breaking stories

Short analysis of the day's leading developing headlines.


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Coal blocks

Business of coal blocks

The 38 blocks for which data was checked by Mail Today can yield the government Rs 7,904 crore in penalties.