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India today magazine, Coronavirus in india, Covid mutant strains, Covid vaccine

Have we knocked out Covid?

India Today Editor-in-Chief writes about the potential new surge in Covid cases as India opens up and the threat of mutant strains, in the March 1, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Coronavirus in india, ICMR, Covid19, Communityspread

No community spread means no community spread

Our communities have not gone through the drill of fighting SARS viruses and the utter lack of community health centres has made community spread impossible. To acknowledge, that is.


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Shanthipriya, International travel, Coronavirus in india, Neyvelithermalplant

DailyOh! How TN boiler blast was in the making, to why China, not India, is welcome to Schengen

Several small accidents at the Neyveli plant had been indicating the coming of a big one.


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Social distancing, Coronavirus in india, Stigma, Covid19

The Covid stigma is a bigger malaise than the disease itself

Each day hundreds of people all across India are ostracised by their neighbours, relatives and acquaintances, even if they are suspected of harbouring the dreaded coronavirus.


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Migrant labourers, Rural India, Coronavirus in india, Covid19

Why we cannot allow ​encore of Delhi and Mumbai in our villages 

Rural India needs to be protected from the community spread of Covid-19 as our villages are the primary engine of the economy in these trying times.


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India today magazine, Covid survivors, Coronavirus in india, Covid19

The Covid Survivors: How they beat fear, stigma and the disease itself

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the stories of hope and survival of those who survived Covid-19, in the June 22, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Coronavirus in india, Lockdown, Covid-19, Migrantlabourers

How migrants are the real Covid heroes

Even government supporters must acknowledge that enough could not be done to address the tribulations of our migrant workers.


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Coronavirus in india, Lockdown, Social media posts, Parenting

Lockdown Lessons: How to survive mommy groups and perfect kids on social media

Week after week, there were posts where picture-perfect meals were served in the most ideal setting and their kid’s flawless art prominently placed in the centre of the table that made me want to barf.


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Tuberculosis, Bcg vaccination, Coronavirus in india, Covid19

Let’s clear the air on Covid-19

It should be clear that for a variety of reasons, India has been not as badly affected by Covid-19 as most other nations.


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India soft power, Lockdown, Coronavirus in india, Covid19

The rise of India's soft power in Corona times

The next big thing that countries will have to offer will be the true stories of real aspects of life, aspects that form the very fabric of society and culture.