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Covid, Infrastructure, Budget, Budget2021

Budget 2021: How push for highways and health can have a multiplier effect on Indian economy

Infrastructure push can help wean surplus, and possibly unproductive, labour away from agriculture. Spending on health can save productive, precious lives.


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Arun Jaitley, Cricket, Covid, Farmersprotest

DailyOh! Rahul Gandhi to lead march against farm laws, to how night curfew will help Karnataka

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will present a memorandum signed by 2 crore people to President Ram Nath Kovind seeking his intervention for withdrawal of farm laws.


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Covid, Puri jagannath temple, Lord Jagannath, Nagarjunabesha

Celebrating Nagarjuna Besha in a pandemic year

Devotees of Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra are going to miss out on the much-awaited grand spectacle of Nagarjuna Besha.


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Covid, Donald Trump, Biharelections2020, Shahrukhkhan

DailyOh! Who got SRK and Farah Khan together again, to what happened at Baba Ka Dhaba

Shah Rukh Khan turned 55 today.