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Criminal politicians, Decriminalising elections, Election Commission of India, EVMs

How Election Commission can use EVMs as a tool to decriminalise politics

Though 97.86 per cent voters feel candidates with criminal background should not be legislators, only 35.20 per cent know they can get information on criminal records of the candidates.


 |  7-minute read
Criminal politicians, WhatsApp, Sanjay sinh, Supremecourt

DailyOh! The politician who came out unscathed despite murder charges

SC ruling on disclosure of criminal charges has left politicians worried. This story from 1988 should encourage them to just chill.


 |  3-minute read
Criminal politicians, Dipak Misra, Supreme Court, Disqualification of mpmlas

Disqualification of legislators: With SC refusing to intervene, onus is on political parties to come clean

It is for the Parliamentarians to put national interest before vote bank politics and desist from giving tickets to candidates with criminal cases.