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Cwc, Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi

What makes Sonia Gandhi tick? And with Rahul Gandhi's alternative ideas for Congress, can she do the trick?

When Indira was AICC chief, Nehru said it wasn’t great to face the Congress chief at the breakfast table every morning. Will family be aid or impediment to Sonia reviving the Congress now?


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Congress, Cwc, Amrinder singh, Shashi Tharoor

How to make a Congress President: What Shashi Tharoor should know about the Congress Working Committee

Tharoor apparently asserts that the CWC can't decide the next party president as it's not an elected body. But over the years, the CWC made crucial decisions on the Congress leadership.


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BJP, Cwc, Congress working committee, Congress

Congress' Zero Sum Game: Rahul Gandhi's Russian roulette is a dangerous play for the Congress

Rahul Gandhi's resignation at this point is inexplicable. He should have waited till the storm blew over and then handed over to a deputy.