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Kapilmishra, Namaste, Coronavirus, Dailyoh

DailyOh! Coronavirus makes namaste cool, to the dead guru who had better security than Kapil Mishra got

Covid-19 is making the world sit up and take note of the desi namaste. Also, while Kapil Mishra is apparently getting Y+ security, we take you to a clinically dead guru who had Z+ security.


 |  8-minute read
Wifi, Coronavirus, Sooryavanshi, Dailyoh

DailyOh! Who is Sooryavanshi to why a virus is so dangerous

Akshay Kumar is bringing the police in Sooryavanshi on March 24, but who are the real Sooryavanshis?


 |  4-minute read
Dailyoh, Thappad, Brexit, Jamiashooter

DailyOh! Thappad championship to Delhi Police vs Jamia shooter

Did you know Russia hosts a Slapping Championship? Well, it's the world's first.