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Anti-national, Dalit Killing, Letter to prime minister, Lynching

Patriots like us must call out lynchings. Why doesn't PM Modi start a campaign against hate crimes?

Notable cultural figures have written a controversial letter on lynching to the PM, including filmmaker Aparna Sen, who spoke with Rohit E David on why this issue has become so crucial now.


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Dalit Killing, VK Singh

The curious case of the politician and the pooch

It would seem, man's best friend may be the politician's worst enemy.


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Narendra Modi, Dadri Murder, Dalit Killing

Fringe groups not spreading hate, BJP ministers are

The serious intervention expected from PM Modi has not happened.


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VK Singh, Dalit Killing

VK Singh makes horrific 'dog' comments on Dalit killing. Gets bitten on Twitter

The Union minister said that the incident was a local law and order problem.